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iOS 14 update fixes the error of Resetting browser and mail default settings

iOS 14 Fix Error

iOS 14 update fixes the error of resetting browser and mail default settings

  • If you set Gmail or Chrome as the default application in iOS 14, then they will remain in this state.

One notable change in iOS 14 is that it will finally allow users to set new default apps for their web browsers and email. Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, and other applications already use this setting, but after the update was released last week, many iPhone and iPad owners have noticed that their devices will revert to their original settings after restarting.

This afternoon, Apple introduced iOS 14.0.1 and iPadOS 14.0.1 to solve this problem. If you have not received the update, you should be able to get the download by manually checking for the update, where 9to5Mac shows that it is about 171MB to download.

Other adjustments in the update address camera previews, issues with connecting to WiFi, and issues that may block images in the Apple News widget. tvOS and watchOS have also fixed some minor bugs, so please continue to update all Apple content to ensure protection.

iOS 14 Fix Error

The update also resolves an issue that prevented camera previews from being displayed on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Fixed an issue that prevented iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi; resolved an issue that prevented sending emails with other mail providers; and resolved an issue that prevented images from appearing in the news.

Apple’s iOS 14 iPhone software includes features such as a better way to organize applications, a real-time program called widgets on the home screen, and the ability to change the phone’s default application for browsing the web or sending emails. The last one seems to be invalid.

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