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IOS 14.5 will be released next week

IOS 14.5

Seven months after the release of iOS 14, Apple announced that iOS 14.5 will release in the week of April 26. The company doesn’t want to name a specific date for the iPad show, but a press release says the new software will appear “next week.” This is version .5, but this is a major software update that offers many features for all iOS device users.

The changelog includes a suggestion to select Siris sound, the ability to unlock an iPhone using Face ID on Apple Watch, and some important changes to how the software handles personal information online.

We know that in various beta versions, iOS 14.5 gives users the option to unlock their smartphone with a face mask. It is reported that enabling this feature in February will unlock the device if the user is wearing an Apple Watch. At the same time, according to the update, PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers are supported.

IOS 14.5
IOS 14.5

Most interesting, however, is Apple’s implementation of new data protection features. This has led many companies to abandon stroller toys. The company asks users to add cards and agree to IDFA (Advertiser Identity) tracking. In general, companies like Facebook can track what individual users are doing on the Internet in this way.

Some data collection companies are not well received, so users don’t know what they are doing. The criticism was so strong that Apple announced in September 2020 that it would postpone action until 2021. Despite Facebook’s strong PR campaign, this feature is currently being released as part of iOS 14.5.

Best of all, the internet assumes that you can choose a standard audio platform other than Apple Music on iOS 14.5. Given the number of users on Spotify and other services, this seems like a great way to allay criticism that Apple prefers its products over others. Unfortunately, the company responded that Siri remembers the music service it uses, but there is no way to set third-party apps by default.

As part of this update, Apple is committed to tracking Asia searches and removing filters flagged as adult content in Child Safe. This has been an issue since late 2019 and was fixed until the beta released in March was fixed. Naturally, this is a bad image for the company, which took a long time to solve this problem, but changes are acceptable.

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