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iOS 13.3 Jailbreak: Supporting A13 chip Devices

iOS 13.3

Apple iOS 13 has so far failed to jailbreak the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series. Recently, well-known security researcher Brandon Azad has announced the launch of an iOS kernel vulnerability that can be used on the A13 processor to speed up the jailbreak process of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series.

If someone who knows more about jailbreak should be familiar with Brandon Azad, he has released the underlying vulnerability that Chimera and unc0ver jailbreak tools rely on.

It can be said that Brandon Azad is also one of the developers who contributed the most to these two jailbreak tools.

Recently, Apple is also actively blocking the jailbreak channels of all parties. In the past, Cydia Impactor, the automatic re-signing of the IPA tool ReProvision, and websites that installed jailbreak tools online have also failed. This has also led many jailbreakers to the iPhone 11 series. Jailbreak lost enthusiasm.

iOS 13.3

After Brandon Azad released the news, the developer of the unc0ver jailbreak team Pwn20wnd also responded to this message.

He also suggested that users with jailbreak needs do not upgrade their A12 (X) and A13 devices. It is recommended to stay on iOS 12 or iOS 13.3 Version.

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         At present, the verification channel of iOS 13.3 has not been closed, but according to Apple’s practice, the verification channel of the old version will be closed one or two weeks after the launch of iOS 13.3.1, so it is estimated that the verification channel of iOS 13.3 will also be closed soon. Little friends hurry up.

Xiaole still recommends that you use the iTunes DFU to complete the flashing. Although the DFU flashing mode needs to be operated through iTunes, it is more cumbersome than using other methods. Additional file fragmentation will occur.

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