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Intel Release high-performance version of the 10th Gen Intel Core


Intel Release high-performance of a new version of the 10th Gen Intel Core processor for notebooks with the highest speed up to.3G GHz silenced in seconds. The notebook processor upgrade has always been an important market for Intel. In addition to the replacement of desktop-level processors each year, the revision of notebook processors is also in sync.

Intel Release high-performance of a new version of the 10th Gen Intel Core

In this year’s newest 10th generation intel core family is for, the low-power version of the CPU for the thin and light notebooks of the Ice Lake-U / Y and Combat Lake-U / Wii series launches soon, while the Comet Lake-H series for high-performance gaming computers is launched.

Intel Core 10th gen

The 10th Generation Intel Core H series is an upgrade based on the 9th  Generation. In terms of basic performance parameters, the 7th Generation Core H series has the same 1nnm process as the – 8 core, -16- – 16MB level c cache, UHD 3030० core graphics card, Optane acceleration, and W 45 W thermal design power consumption.

Looking at it, you can say, Intel, you’re squeezing the toothpaste again. But really, the biggest upgrade between the 10th generation and the 9th generation is the improvement in core frequency.

9th Intel core upgrade

Compared with the 9th generation, the reference frequency of the entire system is generally 1 MHz or unchanged, and the maximum acceleration frequency is increased by -5००–5 MHz. The acceleration frequency is higher than 5GHz, with four CPUs i9-10980HK, i710875H, i7-10850H, and i7-10850H.

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These CPUs run above GGHz, largely to Turbo Boost Max 3.0.० and TVB for two acceleration technologies. TVB technology continues to upgrade single cores in a timely and automatic manner based on single-core and multi-core turbo acceleration with maximum temperature and turbo power consumption limits depending on the length of the operating time of the processor. Depending on the frequency, specific dimension and time of workload, processor specification, and cooling status.

Along with the most notable increase in the main frequency, the memory frequency has also increased accordingly. This time the unified memory frequency came in dual-channel DDR4-2933.

In terms of network, the wireless network has been upgraded to WiFi A AX201 (Gig +), which is 2% AAC 80० MHz 541१ Mbps. Higher times higher, and can reduce delays by 75 to 75%. And continue to support native Thunderbolt support, up to two ports.

10th ge10th Intel Core Extra Update

In terms of actual performance, Intel didn’t compare it to your peers this time, nor did it compare with the previous Generation Core H series, but pick up the 7th generation Core H series seven years ago.

According to official statistics, compared to the i9-10980HK i7-7820HK, game performance can be increased by 54%, overall performance can be increased by 44%, 4K video rendering exports can be up to 5 times faster.

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Intel Core

Compared with the i7-7820HK, the i7-10750H can improve game performance by 44%, content creation performance by 70०%, and overall performance by 33%.

The comparison results look good. The performance of this generation has greatly improved compared to three years ago. Why should you compare 7th generation Core H series products three years ago, Intel’s explanation is at this stage. The book most likely to be upgraded is an obsolete configuration three years ago.

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