Intel is using its RealSense technology for facial recognition

The system can be used to provide access to ATMs, smart locks, etc.

Intel has found another use for its RealSense depth-sensing camera. It combines this technology with neural networks to develop a facial recognition system that can access things like smart locks and ATMs at a glance.

Similar to Apple’s Face ID, RealSense ID can scan your facial contours. Intel claims that the system can adapt to the user’s facial expressions because it can solve the problem of changes in facial hair and whether someone wears glasses.

It is said that the RealSense ID can work under various lighting conditions, and the authentication time is less than one second.

Intel Core

According to Intel, it can be reliably used with “every skin tone and shade”-some other facial recognition systems cannot correctly distinguish people with darker skin.

Intel said that privacy is a top priority when developing a RealSense ID. All processing is done locally, and the system is activated only when prompted by the user.

Allegedly, it has taken measures to prevent erroneous access attempts using masks, photos, or videos, and there is a one in a million chance of granting the system a fraudulent attack by mistake. Intel also claims that user data is encrypted.

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