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Instagram likes: No longer appear on Instagram


Instagram Users: Need to count on the Instagram likes of the photos you upload to Instagram? If so, there is a piece of unpleasant news.

Instagram likes

The popular photo share app Instagram likes is launching this week, featuring a number of likes. Initially, US users have begun testing the ‘Hide Like Counts’ feature on Instagram.

Instagram said that it will launch a feature that does not show the number of Instagram likes targeted at users who are concerned about the hassle and pressure of getting likes and the response to their posts.

CEO Mosri said at an event last April, “We want people to not be too concerned about how many likes are coming to their Instagram posts.”

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Instagram has already tested the feature to hide the number of likes in Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. Facebook itself is doing such testing in Australia.

According to an Instagram spokesperson, people feel pressure when posting something on Instagram. Compare the number of likes in your post with that of your friends, other family members, and various celebrities. This gives the person a warm feeling.

According to the study investigation, the likes of social media posts have become more like drugs for users. The growing desire for likes has created various problems for social media users.

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