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Instagram is Working TikTok-style Vertical Feeds for Stories


According to TechCrunch, Instagram may try to imitate another element of TikTok’s design through the new vertical feed of Stories. Swipe up and down the vertical navigation to make the story behave more like Reels, a short video feature the company added to better compete with TikTok.

Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that the vertical story feed has not yet been tested, but based on this screenshot shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the changed code is already in development. It’s not a big deal, but it does show that Instagram is at least considering adjustments to its expanding features.

Instagram is Working TikTok-style Vertical Feeds for Stories
Instagram is Working TikTok-style Vertical Feeds for Stories

Imitating Reels (in turn “inspired” by TikTok) will unify Instagram’s various feeds in a sense. If the story becomes a vertical experience, it will not only match Reels but also match the original function of the app: scrolling feeds.

The function of IGTV will still be different. These videos are hidden in the vertical grid of your profile, but once you start watching, they have horizontal navigation.

Adam Mosseri said that the head of Instagram for the Decoder podcast, stated that 2020 is “a lot of bets”, and 2021 will be “fulfilling these promises and simplifying the experience.”

The company is already testing changes to the types of content that can be added to stories, and changing the way these stories are displayed may be the next step in the streamlining process.

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