Instagram is making changes to its algorithm after being accused of censoring pro-Palestinian content

After employees complained of not being able to access pro-Palestine content on Instagram during the conflict in Gaza, Facebook-owned Instagram changed its algorithm. 

As of Sunday, Instagram will begin giving equally high priority to reposted content and original content. Typically Instagram places original content before reposted content in its stories.

Buzzfeed News and the Financial Times reported that the Instagram employee group made several appeals about censored content on Instagram.

In the case of the Al-Aska Mosque, according to the Financial Times, staff did not believe the censorship was intentional, but one said that “mass moderating is biased against marginalized groups.”

How to add or change the Instagram background

The social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been criticized over the past few weeks for how they have exposed – or not exposed – content related to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

A Palestinian writer’s account was banned by Twitter earlier this month after it was dubbed “accidentally”. 

A technical problem prevented Instagram from posting Palestine-related content for several hours on May 6, with CEO

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the change was not only made in response to complaints about Palestinian content but also because Facebook realized that the way the app works – by mumbling posts it feels its users care about most – people think it is pushing content.

Instagram is making changes to its algorithm

Viewpoint or subject matter. As the spokesperson said, “We want to be crystal clear. No, it’s not.” All posts shared in stories, regardless of what they are about, will be subject to this.”

According to Instagram, many users have told the company they are more interested in original stories from close friends rather than people who repost other people’s posts.

According to a spokesperson, original stories are prioritized. “However, we have seen an increase in how many people share posts, and we have seen a greater impact than expected on the reach of these posts,” the spokesperson said. Stories that re-share feed posts will not reach people, and it is not a good experience.”

Despite that, Instagram is still considering how to focus stories on original content through new tools in order to satisfy users’ desire for more original stories.

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