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Instagram has added a new anti-harassment tool that blocks aggressive DMs


Instagram has added a new feature to prevent harassment in instant messages. The changes include a new way to filter message requests and the ability to block the same user across multiple accounts. The update comes after Instagram stepped up its harassment policy with direct messages after commenting on racist news received by British footballers inside the app.

The company said it is difficult to prevent the abuse of instant messaging because the automation tools that were used for commenting were not being used at the time.

Instagram now offers the ability to create new accounts that can be created and blocked by individual users. This way, you can help people who don’t want the same person to be called again or found in new accounts.


The app also adds new tools to prevent misuse of “message requests”. This is a separate mailbox for messages from people you don’t follow. Instagram has added a new filtering tool that allows users to automatically hide message requests that “contain inappropriate words, phrases, and emotions.”

The company claims to have worked with anti-bullying organizations to compile a list of blocked words. However, users can add their own words to the list.

Instagram is still under pressure to do more to prevent harassment on its app. This app is currently reviewing plans to create a version of the service for children under 13. Democrats recently called on Facebook to keep kids on the sidelines, with both sides asking if social media companies are working hard enough to keep their youngest users safe.

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