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Incredible Blender web series about Cyberpunk merchant merchandiser


After 3 years of production, Ian Hubert, the king of one-minute blender Tutorials, has uploaded the first episode of his sci-fi series, generator Dream. It’s been worth the wait.

The series could be a mix of live-action and CGI that follows a salad merchant on a typical day through the dense streets of Sunset District, a futuristic metropolis full of fax machine drones, big mutant crabs obstruction traffic, and killer bots Let’s fly.

The episode is visually beautiful and full of endless details. every frame may be paused and viewed, every containing signs of a wide world that extends on the far side of the camera frame. the globe is assuring and amazingly fascinating.

Similar to another gritty dystopia, folk music, a serene atmosphere, and moments of stagnation allow you to understand that humanity isn’t completely lost within the world of the dynamo Dream.

There’s still very little happiness to be found within the commotion. This continues in Nayak, a businessperson with a specialty who sells salads in mugs. She could be a flower growing through the cracks of concrete, though things might not stay peaceful for long. Hopefully, it will not take another 3 years to seek out out.

Over the years, Hubert has shared a behind-the-scenes cross-check of the project and has become a star within the 3D art community – particularly, doing spectacular work on his YouTube channel with straightforward animation ways spotlighted in his sleazy tutorial series.

His videos show you ways a lot is created during a short amount of your time, usually in but a moment. Even a lot impressively, all the 3D models employed in this series were created using the blender, a free 3D package. Compositing was done using Adobe’s when Effects.

You can watch a number of the tutorials below and support Hubert through his Patrion, wherever he shares tutorials and 3D assets together with his patrons.

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