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Impressive Anonymous person Returns to threaten Trump and his police secrets

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The hacktivist group “Anonymous” announced a war against the Minneapolis Police Department, accusing it of cruelly treating the police when it arrested and murdered George Floyd.

In an anonymous Facebook post, the decentralized hacker group has regained a good cyber status.

A masked narrator reported: “They do not trust corrupt organizations that have justice in the country, so they will show all crimes hidden in the world.”

Anonymous said that the violence and corruption in the Minneapolis Police Department were shocking, with nearly 193 people killed by police in the force.


The masked narrator said: “People have been fed up with such corruption and violence from an organization that guarantees their safety.” Anonymous insisted in his message that the police force exists to “fulfill criminal The determination of the will of the class “.

In this way, the anonymous organization established a clear mission: to provide ventilation for America ’s dirty police brutality.

On Saturday night 05/30, various rumors were circulating on the Internet, speculating that Anonymous had successfully shut down the website of the Minneapolis Police Department in retaliation for the murder of George Floyd.

Indeed: According to reports from multiple users, the Minneapolis Police website and the Minneapolis Mayor website were inaccessible on Saturday night.

At the beginning of Sunday on 05/31, the website still encountered access problems and occasionally asked visitors to enter a “verification code” to verify that they were not front-end bots hosted by Internet security company Cloudflare, indicating that these websites are experiencing a distributed denial of service ( DDoS), designed to make unusable by flooding false traffic.

In fact, it all started (05/28 three days after Floyd was murdered), when a Facebook page claiming to be associated with an anonymous person posted a video warning the Minneapolis police that “it Many of its crimes are exposed to the world. ” And, “George ’s Floyd was killed this week … it ’s the tip of the iceberg. In many high-profile cases, the tip of the iceberg died in the hands of officials in his state.

The characters in the videotapes wear Guy Fawkes masks and change the dubbing electronically, which is the feature of the group. On Friday, May 29 / Sunday, former police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd ’s neck was charged with murder and manslaughter 3rd grade.

The online debate about anonymous people joining the black life protests for the murder of Floyd also sparked “Mr. Robot”, an American cyber dystopian hacker drama starring Rami Malek on Twitter It has been popular until early in the morning on Sunday.

Mr. Robot ranked 4th. One season directly cited hacker organizations through an anarchic hacker network called a “society” program. The Twitter account @LatestAnonNews claimed to be operated by “Multiple Anons” and did not explicitly request gratitude for the cuts on the Minneapolis Police Department and the city government website, but reposted other people’s tweets, which they suggested was caused by The resulting group of the attack carried out.

Anonymous-4chan imageboard and Hackers Forum appear anonymous-pseudonyms used by different groups and individuals to represent individuals or joint actions or publications.

Since 2008, anonymous organizations have been shown in protests. They advocate freedom of speech, access to information, independence of the Internet, and opposition to various public or private organizations and government actions.


Initially, participants only acted on the Internet. But later, they also carried out activities outside the network. President Donald Trump called the protesters “thugs” on Twitter.

He threatened to launch “military intervention” The President tweeted: “These mobsters are humiliating the memory of George Floyd. I will not allow this to happen. We will take over any difficulties, but when the robbery begins, the shooting will happen it has started.

Within the Democratic Party, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for containment. He called on the protesters to exercise their rights peacefully and calmly. He realized that his discomfort made sense.

He also warned Trump, although he avoided direct allegations. He emphasized: “Now is not the time to encourage violence. We need real leadership, and leadership is needed for dialogue.” He also condemned the “open wound” of “institutional racism” in the United States.

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