You are currently viewing IDC’s latest numbers confirm Apple’s dominance in the tablet market

IDC’s latest numbers confirm Apple’s dominance in the tablet market

IDC – CEO Tim Cook talked about the iPad’s success during Apple’s earnings call earlier this week. Apple’s commanding lead over the competing tablets is underscored by the latest shipment figures published by International Data Corporation

Apple is expected to update the iPad Mini next after refreshing the iPad Air in 2020 and launching an upgraded iPad Pro earlier this year.

Apple’s dominance in the tablet market is confirmed by IDC’s latest numbers

Apple shipped 12.9 million iPads in the second quarter, according to IDC. Samsung, which shipped 8 million units, is its closest competitor. Android’s less-than-stellar tablet apps compromise Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7 tablets, which offer a fantastic hardware platform and a punchy OLED screen

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As expected, Lenovo took third with its popular Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets, while Amazon took fourth with its Fire tablets.

As people have adapted to working from home and pursuing remote education during the COVID-19 pandemic, PC and tablet shipments have soared. 

International Data Corporation reports Chromebook shipments grew by 68.6 percent year over year to 12.3 million units shipped in the second quarter. Chromebooks had a solid quarter, though not as good as the prior two quarters, which broke previous records,” International Data Corporation wrote.

IDC however indicates Chromebook and tablet sales are likely to slow down due to ongoing problems with chips and as more people return to the workplace or classrooms. There might be supply constraints affecting iPad sales and iPhone sales in the coming months, according to Apple.

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