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Hundreds of Parler videos from Congressional riots were reposted in chronological order


ProPublica has released a new interactive resource that contains more than 500 videos shot in Washington, DC on the day of the U.S. Congressional riots on January 6, providing an unfiltered look at the day’s activities.

The videos came from the social network Parler, which is popular with Trump supporters, which contains more than one million videos and was archived before the service went offline.

We have discussed previous attempts to organize these videos into easy-to-view online resources, such as Patr10tic’s interactive map. However, the ProPublica website is worth noting that you can easily and easily browse the timeline of the video and sort it by approximate location: near DC, near the Capitol, and inside the Capitol.

First, you can watch a video of the crowd attending President Trump’s inflammatory speech at noon, and then see the violence throughout the afternoon.

This is an eye-opening resource that can capture videos of mob violence, including vandalism and threats to lawmakers. Since the videos are arranged in chronological order, you will often see the same scene captured from multiple angles, so despite the confusion, it’s easier to see what’s actually happening.

In the accompanying article, ProPublica outlines how to obtain more than 500 videos included in the resource. It said it was originally a video obtained from an anonymous programmer who archived more than 1 million clips from Parler before going offline.

Then, ProPublica extracted approximately 2500 videos based on upload time and location data. They selected more than 500 videos that they thought were newsworthy and related to the day’s event.

Although the resource contains many videos, ProPublica points out that there are still some obvious blind spots. For example, even though there is media footage showing that the rioters are filming in the room, it only has a video from the Senate or House Chamber.

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