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Humble Bundle will introduce a cap on charitable donations in 15 July

Humble Bundle

(via Kotaku) Humble Bundle has announced to change the way payment sliders work, removing the option for customers to give all of what they spend to charity and setting a minimum cut for the company itself between 15 and 30%. It is expected to take effect by mid-July.

You can choose how much of the money you spend on a bundle of games, ebooks, or software you’re buying from Humble Bundle, the creator of what you’re buying, and a charity using sliders for each one. There will still be sliders, but their range will be somewhat reduced.

Beginning in mid-July, Humble Bundle is going to put a limit on charitable donations

The company announced the changes in a blog post, saying:

When is the right time to change? To remain on mission, we must continue to evolve with the PC storefront landscape since we launched bundles in 2010. We will be able to offer great prices on great games, books, and software while supporting important charitable initiatives with every single purchase.

The company first committed to changing payments in April, announcing the removal of sliders and capping donations to charities at 15 percent. A series of toggle buttons will show you how much of your purchase supports Humble, publishers, and charities. 

Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle eventually reversed course and announced it would explore more payment methods in order to improve payment options. Critics criticized the plan to shrink donations while ensuring the Bundle kept a share of every sale. The company’s alternative is Thursday’s news.

Due to its flexible price bundles, Humble Bundle has become well known. Originally, sliders allowed you to direct more of your money to developers or charities by reducing donations to Humble Bundle and boosting charities. According to Humble, splits will vary on bundles after its planned change, but it expects to take a cut of about 15 to 30 percent.

It is understandable that the cost to acquire games for inclusion in bundles has increased, especially since some stores such as the Epic Games Store offer games for free, but I’m disappointed that Humble Bundle has abandoned the model it created in its first year.

The flexibility sliders represent for someone who has purchased Humble Bundles in the past is what appealed to me as a person who’s purchased games through the site previously – the idea that all of my money would go to people who need it most.

While Itch.io and other stores let you send more money directly to developers, Humble Bundle had its own unique setup. The system will just become less flexible by mid-July.

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