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Hulu re-enables the picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14

Hulu baseraed

MacRumors reports that Hulu has completely re-enabled Picture-in-Picture support (PiP) on iOS, which means that Hulu subscribers on iPhone and iPad devices can once again watch half-watched Internet TV. Hulu has joined a series of major streaming services that support iOS functions, and YouTube is the main exception.

Hulu said that Hulu enabled PiP for the iPhone in the original release of iOS 14, but was later disabled, “only a few updates can be made to provide our viewers with the best experience.” Now that the feature is back, users can enable the “Picture in Picture” mode by launching a show or movie and touching the “Picture in Picture” button to pop the video into the resizable floating player.

Hulu baseraed
Hulu base raid

Hulu joined services such as Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max to support PiP. Now, all these services have dedicated picture-in-picture buttons, or if you swipe to the home screen while playing a video, the default is picture-in-picture.

YouTube is still weird. Google’s iOS official YouTube app does not allow the use of picture-in-picture features. Paid purchase of YouTube Premium can enable background playback, but only for audio on iOS.

Google also regularly disables and re-enables picture-in-picture support for the web version of YouTube on iOS. Starting in October 2020, picture-in-picture is possible again, although it does not seem to work so far.

According to MacRumors, currently only iPhones running iOS 14.5 beta can perform picture-in-picture on the online version of YouTube.

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