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Huawei P40 Pro will Five Color Option full Exposure

The 91mobile website first exposed all color renderings of Huawei P40 Pro before the deadline for this article. The P40 Pro has five color schemes and all are made of AG frosted glass. There is no shiny glass.

According to 91mobile, this picture was leaked by insiders from Huawei. In the future, the P40 Pro will be used as online and offline promotional materials after it is launched for sale. This time, there are five models of black, gold, silver, blue, and sky. Color matching.

There is rarely any glossy glass version. Frosted glass can improve the feel and anti-fingerprint effect. It is not excluded that the glossy glass color is not exposed. Also, it is reported that there is a top-mounted P40 Pro that will use a ceramic gadget and limited Body design supply.

Huawei P40 Five Colors

You can ignore the color matching of this rendering. The outside network broke the blog with the P30 Pro as the prototype for PS, but the camera design and the front digging position can be referenced.

Rendering The border effect of the picture is very exaggerated. Such a stunning effect cannot be achieved. The screen adopts a four-curved surface design.

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The curvature of the left and right sides is not very large, but the curvature of the upper and lower ends is relatively large. Some manufacturers of the tempered film have obtained it in advance. The first version of the tempered film was trial-produced by the phone mold.

The selling point of the Huawei P40 Pro is still the camera module. The chip uses the Kirin 990 5G uniformly. The main camera is a Sony custom sensor (1 / 1.3 inch) up to 52MP.

It has not been determined whether to continue to use the RYYB pixel arrangement. There are also 10x optical zoom periscope lenses, ultra-wide-angle, portrait lenses, and ToF 3D lenses. This year’s 10x optical zoom lens is not the first Huawei launch, but the Samsung S20 Ultra also.

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