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Huawei P40 Pro may have 50x Zoom custom Camera


Huawei ’s next-generation flagship product, the P40 series, will debut on March 26. There are still a few days left, and it is not surprising that there is related news. Source Ishan Agarwal released details of the claimed P40 and P40 Pro, which is the true flagship.

The latter is said to have a 50MP wide-angle camera, a 40MP telephoto camera, a ToF depth camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera. That’s up to 50x zoom capability.

From the renderings, there is a 6.58-inch front screen with a dual camera digging position in the upper left corner. The 32MP selfie camera and a depth camera are placed.

I believe there will be good portrait selfie effects. To handle (at least on paper) such a powerful camera combination, naturally also need the same efficient image processing capabilities.


According to the news, Huawei will use the customized Huawei XD Fusion Engine. The detailed capabilities are still unknown. It is estimated that it is similar to Google Pixel Visual Core, and it is a dedicated operation for shooting.

The P40 series will probably use the Kirin 990 processor announced by Huawei in the IFA in September last year. 5G connection is indispensable, but whether it supports mmWave technology has yet to be confirmed.

However, Agarwal said that the P40 series will only have 4,200mAh batteries, which may be inferior to Samsung’s S20 + and S20 Ultra. However, the charging part seems to make up for it, because it is said that the P40 Pro may have a 40W ultra-high-speed wireless fast charge function, so it doesn’t matter if the battery capacity is small.

Huawei P40

The specifications of the younger P40 are not accidentally a weakened version. Under the same processor, there will only be a 6.1-inch screen, a 50MP, 16MP, and 8MP three-camera combination, and the zoom ratio will be sharply reduced to “only” 30 times. Of course, the battery seems to shrink with it, using only 3,800mAh.

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