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Huawei may be developing a camera with a display

Huawei smartphone Design

A new Huawei smartphone was found in the patent. The smartphone has very rounded edges and may have an under-screen camera. Two Huawei patents discovered by LetsGoDigital show phones with the same design, although their rear camera settings are different, which indicates that they may be two different models of the same device.

Interestingly, the phone has no bezels at all, and the edges bend to the back of the phone. It looks like Huawei’s “overflow display” on steroids.

Huawei smartphone

It is worth noting that there is no punch hole on the screen, and there is no protruding cutout of the pop-up camera module, which shows that Huawei can use the off-screen selfie camera on the camera.

Another interesting thing about this mysterious Huawei phone is that it has no volume button. LetsGoDigital noticed that there is only one power button at the top, and the volume slider can be displayed virtually through the sidebar (similar to the Mate 30 series).

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Elsewhere, the two newly acquired patents both show the USB-C port on the bottom of the phone. Both also show the same borderless display and the power button placed on top.

However, one of the phones displayed has a vertically aligned three-in-one system, while the other shows a circular four-camera system similar to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Since this phone has appeared in two different patent applications, Huawei may hope to implement this full-screen design in future phones (such as the P series or Mate series).

Huawei smartphone Design

However, we must remember that patents do not always produce actual products, and companies have been experimenting with various designs. Therefore, this may not eventually become a real Huawei phone.

Despite this, the patented device still has a vast screen space and it does look cool. The camera under the screen is also something we have been expecting.

However, not everyone likes the waterfall display, so Huawei may need to think twice before it can achieve this effect on actual mobile phones.

Source: LetsGoDigital 

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