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Huawei announced new Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi has launched its own smart glasses to compete with Facebook in the wearable industry. The device will be able to take photos as well as display messages and notifications, make calls, provide navigation, and translate text in real time in front of your eyes.

Xiaomi is promoting the device’s lightness despite its features, just like Facebook. The Ray-Ban Stories are heavier at 51 grams, but still light in comparison. The glasses support a 5-megapixel camera, along with an indicator light that shows when the camera is active.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi’s Smart Glasses feature a quad-core ARM processor and Android operating system. As well as OLEDs, MicroLED technology is utilized in the development of these devices, which has a longer lifespan than OLEDs.

The company claims that its simpler structure has enabled it to create a compact display with individual pixels that are 4*m in size.

Despite that, Xiaomi didn’t go with a color display option to allow light to pass through complicated optical structures – you will only be able to view your images in monochrome.

This is what the company explains:

“The lens’s inner surface contains grating structures that refractive light in a unique way, enabling the human eye to see it safely. During refraction, light beams are bounced countless times, allowing the human eye to see a complete image, and greatly increasing wearability. Rather than the complex multiple lens systems, mirrors, and half mirrors that other products have, it is all done inside a single lens.”

Huawei claims its smart glasses are not just second screens for smartphones. The app is capable of handling many things independently, such as letting you know about smart home alerts and text messages from friends and family.

Maps and directions can be displayed on the device’s navigation display. The smart glasses’ built in microphones and speakers allow you to answer any phone calls currently ringing on your phone.

Using Xiaomi’s proprietary algorithm, the mic is also able to capture speech, which is translated in real time. Translation is also available for written text, as well as for texts on photographs taken with the glasses’ camera. It is still unclear what the company plans to charge for the glasses or when they will launch, but we will let you know when they are announced.

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