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HTC Viveport stream opens beta Testing to Unlimited Members


The Viveport streaming function that HTC planned to open to Viveport unlimited members at the beginning of Q4 has been delayed for some time, and now it can finally be the first to experience it on Vive Focus Plus.

Now unlimited members can simply upgrade the Viveport Store and Vive Focus Plus systems on the computer to the latest version, and after opening the relevant options. They can easily use the same 5GHz Wi-Fi network without third-party plug-ins and cable assistance. VR content from your computer is streaming to the headset.Viewport

Compared with third-party apps like VRidge, Viveport Streaming, as an original feature integrated directly into Viveport, has certain advantages in terms of convenience and stability.

HTC has also stated that it will “continue to support” all 6DoF mobile VR devices based on the Vive Wave platform. If you have this kind of product, just wait patiently.

HTC View has released the Viewport Streaming Beta, which enables View Focus Plus or Wave Platform device owners to enjoy PC VR content on their standalone VR devices. In addition to more than 300 Vive Wave local content on Viveport, View Focus Plus owners can now access thousands of titles on Viveport through a local mobile UI.

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Viveport Infinity members with Vive Focus Plus can use Viveport Streaming for free and will soon support other complete six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) standalone VR devices built on the Vive Wave platform.

HTC View is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that creates realistic VR experiences for businesses and consumers. The View ecosystem is built around high-quality VR hardware, software, and content.

View business includes first-class XR hardware for the Viewport platform, application store and View enterprise solutions for enterprise customers.  For more information on View, please visit www.vive.com.

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