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How to Use the On-Screen Consoles | Keyboard

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There’s a horde of various physical consoles for PCs accessible in the market. In any case, Windows additionally accompanies an implicit virtual console called the On-Screen Keyboard. This Ease of Access apparatus can be a lifeline much of the time and realizing how to utilize it can without a doubt help you in the hour of need.

The on-screen console has all the standard keys of a physical console that you can use with any PC mouse. Thus, for the present post, I will demonstrate to you different techniques to get to the on-screen console in Windows 10 alongside a portion of its best employment. We should experience these focuses on one-by-one.

Access the on-screen console in all adaptations of Windows

Following are a few strategies to get to the on-screen console that works in every one of the variants of Windows.

Method # 1: From Run Dialog : 

Go to your computer screen and open Run Dialog screen or press Windows + R keys together.

And type osk.exe or type just osk and hit Enter or click on OK button.

Automatically On the screen, your Keyboard or console will pop-up.

Note: The osk.exe command can also be utilized from the Windows command prompt in the event that you lean toward utilizing the command prompt interface. 

Method # 02 : From Ease of Access Center

You can without much of a stretch begin the on-screen console through Windows Ease of Access Center. To open the Ease of Access Center, simply press Windows + U keys and it will open up.

In the event that you don’t have the physical console to press the alternate way keys, you can likewise go to Control Panel, click Ease of Access, from that point select the Ease of Access Center, lastly click on the “Start On-Screen Keyboard” secure to open the on-screen console.

Method # 03 : From the startup screen

The Ease of Access catch is accessible on the startup screen (or login screen) of the considerable number of forms of Windows.

When you click on it, you’ll see a menu without hardly lifting a finger of Access apparatuses. Here select the choice “turn on Windows on-screen keyboard” to dispatch it.

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