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How to use Google Slides Create Presentation Materials

Google Slides Bae Read

How to use Google Slides Create Presentation Materials

The first thing that comes to mind when creating presentation materials is “PowerPoint”. But do you know that there is a “Google Slide” developed by Google? “Google Slide” is easy to use and anyone can create nice presentation materials.

Google Slides Bae Read

What can Google Slides do for you?

Google Slide is a Google business tool that allows you to easily create a slideshow if you have a Google account. There are many templates and fonts that can be used for presentations, and you can embed videos as well as images. This is a very useful and recommended tool for clarifying what you want to present to the other party.

How can I use Google Slides?

A Google account is required to create presentation materials with Google Slides. If you don’t have a Google account, create a Google account first.

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After obtaining a Google account, click New → Google Slides → Blank Presentation Drive from Google Drive. Since Google Slide will be launched, change the file name of “Untitled Presentation” and edit it.

Google Slide

Google Slide has many themes that can be used to create presentation materials!

You can change the theme of the slide that can be used in the presentation by clicking the Slide → Change theme on the toolbar. There are more than 20 themes that can be used for presentations, so you can easily create stylish presentation materials.

You can also change the background and layout, so you can create your own presentation materials using templates. If you are not satisfied with the default templates, you can search for Google Slides templates on an external site.

Using Google Slides is easy!

To use Google Slides, just add the ones you need using the toolbar at the bottom of the file name.

  1. Add text
  2. Add images, shapes, and videos
  3. Add speaker notes

If you click “Insert” on the toolbar, you can select what to insert in the pull-down format and add it to the file easily.

Collaborative editing with others is possible!

Google business apps can be co-edited with others, including Google spreadsheets. It is easy to use, and file data is saved in Google Drive on the web, so multiple people can access it and edit it in the same file.

Google Slide Sample

For example, the creator of the presentation material is different from the confirmer, and it is possible to easily edit and complete the presentation material even when corrections or additions are made.

Google Slide data is automatically saved!

Google Slides is automatically saved whenever you edit your work file. In PowerPoint, you need to “Save”, but Google Slide does not need to save, and you can prevent mistakes such as forgetting to save the created presentation material.

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Saved Google Slides file data is saved in “My Drive” of Google drive.

You can edit the contents of presentation materials on your smartphone or tablet!

By downloading the Google Slides iOS / Android app, you can view, check, and edit presentation materials on a smartphone or tablet even when you do not have a PC.

How to use the app, after installing the app, you can launch Google Slides and edit it in the same way as on a PC. Of course, the app is also free. The default setting for saving presentation materials created with the app is Google drive.

Search what you want to check in the browser during slide creation!

You can search what you want to check without creating a new window (browser) while creating presentation materials. To use the search, click Tools → Data Search and a search window will appear on the right side of the screen. When you enter what you want to check, the search results will be displayed as shown in the image below.

Compatibility between PowerPoint and Google Slides!

Presentation materials created with Google’s “Google Slide” can be confirmed with Microsoft’s “PowerPoint”. Conversely, presentation materials created with PowerPoint can also be checked with Google Slides.

You can also convert to PowerPoint

You can convert between Microsoft’s “PowerPoint” and Google’s “Google Slide”. If you are worried about saving only on the Web, you can save it in PowerPoint file format, so you may want to save it twice.

To change the format and save it, simply select File → Format, click Download, select Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), and it will be automatically saved on your PC.

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When sharing files with other business partners, it is possible to convert not only PowerPoint format but also PDF format, so please change the storage format according to how you use the presentation materials.

You can also import PowerPoint materials!

Google Slide can import PowerPoint (.pptx) format file data. It is possible to use what was created with PowerPoint at the beginning of presentation material creation, and switch to work with Google Slides. Multi-user collaboration is possible by switching to working with Google Slides.

Create presentation materials that will be communicated to the other party!

How was the Google business tool “Google Slide” introduced this time? Those who thought it was difficult to use, those who were not good at creating presentation materials, and who have a Google account, are free to use and can be used by anyone, so please use it once.

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