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How to use Google Pay to Send and Receive Money?

Google Pay

There are two ways to pay with Google, and both use a free payment platform called Google Pay. One is for purchasing goods and the other is for receiving payments with other users.

The first is Google Pay for Android, which is used for online, store, app, and other payments. It only works on Android devices and is only accepted where Google Pay is supported. Google Pay used to be called Android Pay and Google Pay.

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The second is Google Pay on iPhone and Google Pay Send on Android, which is another Google payment application for collecting payments with others. It is 100% free and available on computers, phones, and tablets on iOS, Android. Formerly known as Google Wallet.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet where you can store your physical card in one place on your phone. It stores debit cards, credit cards, membership cards, coupons, gift cards, and tickets.Google Pay

  • To use Google Pay, enter the information from your payment card into the Google Pay app on your Android device and use your phone (not your wallet) to buy anything anywhere that supports Google Play.
  • Google Pay uses your card information for purchases, so you do n’t need to transfer money to a special Google Pay account or open a new bank account to spend your money. When you need to purchase a product with Google Pay, the card of your choice will be used for wireless payments.

Remember —- Not all cards are supported. Google Pay is only available for Android. To pay on Google from your iPhone, connect your phone to a Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) smartwatch and then pay from your watch.

  • You can use Google Pay anywhere you see the Google Pay icon. Some places where you can use Google Pay include Whole Foods, Walgreens, Best Buy, McDonald’s, Macy’s, Petco, Wish, Subway, Airbnb, etc.

Google Pay for P2P Payments

Google Pay (called Google Pay Send on Android) is similar to the Google Play Android app in that it is a Google app that can process your money, but with different features. Google Pay is a peer-to-peer payment application that allows you to exchange money with others.

  • Deposit money directly from your debit card or bank account and from Google Pay balances you do n’t want to have in your bank, this is where you store it.

After receiving the payment, it will be deposited into the default payment method of your choice, which can be a bank, debit card or Google Pay balance.

If you choose a bank or debit card, the money you get through Google Pay goes directly to that bank account. Setting your Google Pay balance as your default payment will keep the deposit in your Google account until you manually move your payment.

There are multiple ways to use Google Pay, all of which are the same. The screenshot below shows how to use Google Pay to send money and how to request money from other Google Pay users, both of which can be done through the Google Pay website.Pay and Get Money

Up to 5 more people can claim money from them or 1 more person can send money to them. When sending money, choose from the payment methods that you want to use for the transaction. You can change your payment method every time you use Google Pay.

On your computer, to send and receive funds using Gmail, select Send and Request Funds ($ sign) at the bottom of the message. It looks similar to the screen above, but since you have already selected the remittance method in your email, you are not allowed to choose the sender (or request it from the sender). The Gmail mobile app can do the same.

Another place where Google Pay works are through mobile apps. Enter the phone number or email address of the person you want to send money to. You can get Google to pay on iTunes for OS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

You can use Google Assistant to make a Google payment to another person or to request another place to pay you. Say something similar, such as “Pay Lisa $ 12” or “Money to Henry.” Learn more about this feature from this help article on the Google website.

Google Pay has a limit of USD 9,999 per transaction and a limit of USD 10,000 every 7 days.

Google Wallet once provided a debit card that you can use to spend your balance in stores and online, but the debit card has been discontinued and you ca n’t get a Google Pay card.

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