How to update Google Drive files without changing the link

In Google Drive, if we upload a file and share its link with others, after making any changes to the file, we need to share the link to the updated file again. Google Drive allows uploading multiple files with the same name and format, which means that even if they have the same name, you cannot replace an older file with a newer version.

However, there is a simple way to solve this problem, just 5 simple steps. Please note that this tip only applies to files saved in Google Drive, such as MS Office files, PDFs, etc. Not applicable to Google Docs files.

Table of Contents

Step 1:

Find the file in the Google Drive you want to update. Right-click the file and click Manage Versions. This option to manage versions only works if you use Google Drive in a web browser.

Step 2:

Click Upload the new version.

Step 3:

Select the updated file and click “Open“.

Step 4:

After the new file is uploaded, you can see the old and new versions of the same file. Both will have the same sharing link.

That’s it! By default, Google Drive keeps old versions of all files for 30 days. You can also download the old version of the file, delete it or save it permanently.

You can also use the above methods to replace files with different formats or names while the shared link remains the same.

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