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How to Run iOS 14 on your iPhone?: Download and install public beta Version

Hto run iOS 14 on your iPhone public beta version in 2020 (with your you have an Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, or later), you can now install the first beta version of iOS 14 on your phone. If users who install the Beta version use the iPhone as a daily driver, there is a risk.

The Beta version of iOS is usually full of errors, which means that some functions that are usually taken for granted may not work properly.

Of course, these errors will be fixed when the final version of the software is released (most likely in September). In addition, if you own one of the iPhone 11 models, you may find that the excellent battery life has been hit while running Beta.

How to Run iOS 14 on your iPhone? – Be the first Apple iPhone user to use Android-style widgets

On the other hand, installing the public beta will give you the opportunity to try out some new features, including Android-style widgets and App libraries. The update information provided by the former can be placed in the frame of the home screen, which is the first change since the first iPhone was launched in 2007.

The latter is the closest thing iOS users currently have to the app drawer. The application library sorts applications in alphabetical order and category. It also has a search bar that allows you to search for specific applications.

IOS 14 Beta Version

The application clip only uses the part of the application that is required to complete the task in iOS 14. App clips are called by QR code or NFC.

Craig Federighi, the head of Apple’s software, introduced the feature at WWDC: “It’s all about using the app when it’s needed.” When it comes to multitasking (Ha! Gotcha. No one is talking about Multitasking).

Seriously, the Picture-in-Picture feature has appeared on iOS 14 iPhones, allowing you to watch videos or participate in video conferences while using other applications. Yes, we know this is a feature that Android users already like to use.

When it comes to Android (which can usually be done when talking about iOS 14), iPhone users have made it clear that they are tired of completely covering the screen when answering a call.

Therefore, in iOS 14, they will receive a notification and display a notification banner at the top of the screen, which takes up very few resources.

FaceTime calls and calls from third-party applications will also use the new notification header.

In February, we told you that Apple has a Siri-ous issue. Siri is far less useful or accurate than Google Assistant. It’s still far away. Although Siri should be able to get various brain updates in iOS 14, she won’t take up the entire screen as she does now.

Instead, Siri pops up from the bottom of the display, and the answer appears as a banner at the top of the display.

IOS14 Beta Version for iPhones

A new app called Translate has also appeared in iOS 14, which will be able to translate conversations between two people who speak different languages. When it comes to translation, you can automatically translate websites on Safari.

There are other new features, including a search bar for emojis on the iPhone keyboard, a method to add a mask to Memoji, and some improvements to iMessage.

You can install the iOS 14 public beta by joining the Apple Beta software program and requesting that iOS 14 beta updates be sent to your phone.

Before installing the beta version, Apple recommends that you use Time Machine to back up your data.

The public beta comes with a feedback app that you will use to send Apple comments about iOS 14. If the beta version is too small for you, you must erase the data on your phone to return to iOS 13.

Interface of IOS14 Beta Version

How to Run iOS 14 on your iPhone and iPadOS?

With the release of the public beta, anyone with a compatible iPhone or iPad can register to participate in the beta. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit Apple’s Beta Software Program website on the device you intend to use for testing.
  2. Select the registration button.
  3. Log in with your Apple ID and agree to the Beta program terms.
  4. Select iOS or iPadOS from the list of available programs.
  5. Before clicking “Download Configuration File”, please read through the rest of the information provided by Apple, and pay close attention to the part about the backup device.
  6. Click to download the configuration file and follow the prompts. You will install the Beta configuration file step by step. After downloading it to the device, you need to approve the configuration file in Settings. Restart the device when asked.
  7. After installing the Beta configuration file, please follow the normal update process, please go to “Settings”> “General”> “Software Update” to download and install Beta.

The beta version will be installed like any other software update. It’s best to make sure that the iPhone or iPad remains connected to the charger, and that a strong Wi-Fi connection is maintained to ensure a smooth installation.

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