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How to Recover Forgotten OneNote Passwords in Windows 10

Microsoft doesn't offer built-in options for recovering passwords, but you can use these third-party tools to recover OneNote section passwords.

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How to Recover Forgotten OneNote Passwords in Windows 10

Microsoft OneNote is a built-in notebook organizer application that you can use to take notes during class, business meetings, grocery list creation or list creation. OneNote uses sections to organize and group similar notes. Users can use a password lock to protect all OneNote sections.

Password-protected OneNote sections are not accessible to anyone but authorized users and have access to your password. While this feature is handy, it’s not convenient if you forget your password, OneNote doesn’t have a password recovery option.


Microsoft’s online community forums are filled with numerous questions to help users in similar situations find ways to recover lost OneNote passwords on their Windows or Mac computers.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide a recovery option to recover forgotten passwords of OneNote notes. However, on the brighter side, you can try an unlimited number of password recovery and if you have failed several times to open a password-protected file, do not lock it out of the system.

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If you’ve forgotten the password for a OneNote section and you can’t decrypt it even after trying multiple times, it’s useful to leave the password-protected OneNote section open using the OneNote decryption tool.

We will look at the best password recovery tools for recovering forgotten OneNote section passwords on Windows.

There are several password recovery software and I did my best after testing the accuracy. However, please try the trial version of this tool before buying the full paid version.

What software should you use to recover OneNote passwords?

Passware Kit Basic, Price-Free Demo / $ 49

Passware is an advanced password recovery solution to recover forgotten passwords in the OneNote section. Passware Kits are available in several versions, including Windows Key Business, Standard Plus, and Basic.


Passware Kit Basic Edition can recover passwords for more than 50 file types. The other edition offers much more. It is an easy-to-use solution with convenient features such as an intuitive user interface and batch file handling.

Passware can recover OneNote Section passwords for all versions of OneNote. The recovery process can take several minutes to hours, depending on the complexity of the password.

Recover passwords using advanced recovery attacks like a dictionary, Xieve, Brute-Force, known passwords/parts, and old passwords. Combined attack mode uses a combination of letters and numbers to decrypt regular passwords.

In addition to OneNote password recovery also help, Passware Kit Basic can also recover Windows administrator password, MS Excel, MS Word, web browser, PowerPoint and other Windows-related files and system.

The free demo can recover files with a three-letter password or the first three letter password. The processing time is also limited to 1 minute. This means that the demo version can’t decrypt complex passwords that take more than a minute.

It’s easy to use this tool. Run Passware Kit Basic and select the file whose password you want to recover or simply drag and drop it into the Passware window. Then choose the folder where you want to save the recovered files (optional) Click the Password Recovery button to start the process.

After the software decrypts the OneNote section, the password is displayed in the Password section of the Password Detection tab. You can also pause and resume your work at any time.

Last bit OneNote password: Price-free demo / 39 euros

The last bit provides a password recovery solution for Windows devices. The company is also a lightweight desktop application that helps you to recover forgotten OneNote section passwords, which is a OneNote password recovery solution.

LastBit OneNote Password

OneNote password is a premium application, about 39 euros, and quite expensive in all standards. However, these applications are used only once by most users, so developers tend to price them at higher prices.

Because OneNote passwords are multi-user utilities, we recommend that you use OneNote passwords for commercial use.

To recover passwords, the software uses different attack methods. The first is the Brute Force Attack, which allows the software to attempt to use all possible character combinations as passwords. Dictionary attack-through this method, the software will try to password every word in the dictionary and finally Smart Force Attack. With this mode, the software will only consider the password as a character and the combination of characters used in the password is meaningful.

Using the software is easy. When the installation is complete, run the program and click the Open icon. Select the OneNote password-protected file from the list. Select Automatic or Custom for recovery mode and click Next.

OneNote passwords choose a dictionary mode to decrypt them. Available in the built-in medium dictionary or last bit dictionary. Also, enter the last password you used and click OK.

The software tries all possible password combinations and attempts to decrypt them. If found, you will get a success message with other details like time elapsed and recovered password.

Thegrideon Software: Price-Free Trial / Home $ 29.95 Single User

OneNote Password in Thegrideon Software is a OneNote section password recovery tool. A premium application that offers a free trial. You need to spend $ 29.95 on a single user license to get the full version of this tool.


The software is compatible with all versions of OneNote documents. Like other password recovery tools, OneNote passwords use several attack modes, including advanced search scope settings, advanced blended attacks against brute force attacks, and dictionary attacks.

You can also save the recovered password in a separate file. In terms of customization, you can choose the type of attack to use, the number of CPU cores to use, enable or disable GPU acceleration, and open music files or web links when the password recovery session completes.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. After running the tool, click the Open button and select the OneNote file you want to recover. Then select the attack mode and click Add / Remove according to your requirements.

To save the password in a separate file, select “Save password in the file option.” Click Start and wait for the process to complete. We tested this tool with an easy password 3-character protected OneNote file and was able to detect the password in a few seconds.

OneNote Password Recovery in Passcape Software: Price-Free Trial / Premium $ 29

Passcape Software’s OneNote password recovery tool claims to use the latest advanced recovery technology developed by the company to decrypt OneNote section passwords.

OneNote Password Recovery Software

It’s also a premium tool and $ 29 for the full version. However, free trial tools are limited but can be downloaded for free. The free version can show the first three letters of a cracked password. In other words, you need to upgrade to the full version to recover the entire password.

The user interface is simple and easy to use, just like the aforementioned tools. This password recovery tool uses over ten types of modes to recover passwords. It also comes with built-in support for advanced audit reports, dictionary creation and management, ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8, PCD, RAR and ZIP formats, and word manipulation programs. It’s ready to use and supports three languages: English, French, and Russian.

To recover your OneNote password, run OneNote Password Recovery. Click Open Document and select a OneNote file. Go to the Recovery tab and click on the Run button to begin the recovery process.

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A small pop-up shows the recovery status after the process is complete. If you find your password, it will appear on the Progress tab.


All the software on this list can recover OneNote Section passwords. However, the time and success rate of password recovery depends on the complexity of the password.

Microsoft doesn’t offer built-in options for recovering passwords, but you can use these third-party tools to recover OneNote section passwords.

None of these tools are free, but if you first download a trial version of the software to test its functionality, then recover the password and hide it behind the asterisk, you can purchase the premium version.

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