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How to permanently delete favorites from Google Chrome


How to permanently delete favorites from Google Chrome

It provides a fast and hassle-free way to save pages and websites through almost any web browser bookmark. From time to time, our bookmarks may depict the kinds of personal and sensitive information that people do not want to access.

Google Chrome Bookmark

To delete bookmark chrome permanently, you can simply take the help of a dedicated data eraser tool. Although Chrome provides various ways to delete bookmarks from the main interface, it can be recovered later. In this post, we will tell you how to permanently remove bookmarks from Chromes in different ways.

Method 1: How to permanently delete favorites from Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers originally developed by Google. This lightweight browser comes with a lot of advanced features. Though, one cannot delete the bookmark chrome permanently from the main interface.

To do this, you need the help of a dedicated tool. Stellar BitRaser for Files is an ideal third-party data eraser tool that can permanently remove data files, internet activity, system traces, applications, etc. which have no scope of recovery.


It offers a wide range of security algorithms and even generates an erasure certificate eventually.

  1. Anyone can use an automated tool to schedule the data to erase the process.
  2. It permanently removes data files, internet activity, applications, system traces and more.
  3. It works with all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  4. This tool provides different algorithms and has an easy to use interface.
  5. After completing this process, create a deleted certificate.
  6. Compatible with all major versions of Windows.

Since it’s very easy to use Stellar BitRaser, anyone can remove bookmarks from Chrome with a single click. It can also work in other web browsers and permanently remove files of any format from disk (or external drive). To learn how to delete bookmark chrome, follow these steps:

  • Step:1 à Make sure to download and run the file Stellar BitRaser on your Windows computer.
  • Step:2 à By using this program you can access that feature from the left panel, remove the bookmark from Chrome. Of all the options provided, click on “Internet activity.”
  • Step:3 à This program will provide a list of all browsers installed on this system. Locate Google Chrome and click the “Delete Now” button.
  • Step:4 à It will permanently remove all kinds of data related to Google Chrome. After deleting bookmarks, cookies, cache data, etc.

Follows the mentioned above steps, you can easily delete your bookmarks permanent chrome. This can provide an absolutely safe solution, but you can do multiple passes to get definite results. You can follow the same guide processes two or three times to make sure that your Chrome bookmark recovery does not have a range of recovery.

Method 2: How to delete bookmarks from Google Chrome

With Stellar BitRaser, you can permanently remove your bookmarks from Chrome. Though, you can also take the help of Chrome’s native interface to do it. Nevertheless, this won’t permanently delete your bookmarks.

Google Bookmark Manager

After performing the data recovery task, anyone can retrieve the bookmarks saved without much trouble. You can follow different ways to delete bookmark chrome. We have listed them all right here.

  1. Step:1 à You Can Delete from bookmark manager: Google Chrome has a dedicated bookmark manager tool that can be used to access, add or delete bookmarks. By opening the bookmark manager interface, you can access all your saved bookmarks in one place as well. To see it, run Chrome and click on three vertical dots icon. From here, go to Bookmarks> Bookmark Manager.
  2. Step:2 à The mentioned above process will give you a list of all your saved bookmarks. Simply select the bookmark you want to delete and right-click. Now, click on the “Delete” option. You can also view specific bookmarks in the search bar and delete the bookmarks chrome very easily.

How to delete bookmarks from favorites List?

Bookmark Page

  1. Step:1 à Delete a bookmark from favorites list: Instead of launching the bookmark manager, you can also access your saved bookmarks from the dedicated list. To remove a bookmark from Chrome, simply go to the menu by clicking on the three vertical dots icon. From here, go to the Favorites section to get a list of all your saved bookmarks. Right-click on the bookmark you want to remove and click the “Delete” button.
  2. Step:2 à When you click the delete button, it will remove the selected bookmark from chrome. Though, you must follow the same steps for all other bookmarks you want to delete as well as manually.

Another method to delete bookmarks from Google Chrome

  1. Step:1 à It’s like the same process à Locate the bookmark page and click on the star icon: This is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to remove bookmarks from Chrome. If you only have a handful of bookmarks, you can visit them to remove them manually.
  2. Step:2 à Simply start your bookmark page. You will be able to see the constellation highlighted in the upper right corner. When you click on it, you will get a bookmark option. From here, click on the “Remove” button to delete the bookmark page.

As you can see, by taking the help of Google Chrome’s native interface, you have to invest a lot of time and effort. Also, do not delete bookmarks permanently. Ideally, a third-party tool like Stellar BitRaser recommends deleting the bookmarks that Chrome is permanent too without a recovery range. It’s a very sophisticated and safe way to remove bookmarks from Chrome in a hassle-free way.

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