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How to Open and clean a Desktop Computer

How to open and clean your computer is the most common question. If you’re having problems with your computer, you may need to open the computer to work faster. The process is fairly simple, especially if you have a computer case that can be opened with buttons and some screws. Follow the below steps one by one, the process really simple to clean your computer and make it run faster.

How to Open and clean a Desktop Computer

If you are going to clean, repair or open your computer first thing you need to check your PC brand. Some of the computer brands are required to undo the screws and some of the brands do not require. A lot of computers are just screw up usually at the top of the case. You just have to use your hand as a lever for pull and slide the case.

But some computer has also a lock at that moment you have to kind of grip and pull. Remember how you did it so putting it back together is very easy. It takes it off gently because you don’t know if you’re especially doing this the first time. You don’t know what’s in there.

How to Open and clean a Desktop Computer

If you have a generic desktop computer that requires the proper tools to open your PC. So, the very first time you most get together all tools that will allow to open your computer easy and well safely. Making sure before doing this work, remove your electric charge from your finger when you handing in the computer, it’s just for safety purpose.

Before you start working on your computer please make sure, always unplug the computer before try to open the computer. You will need to prepare your hands to be ready. Your hands need to completely dry and also remove your jewelry from your body. It’s very important because of electric shock.

When you unscrew the case you may get the problem to open. Remember, you should consult with a manual guide first because the guide will instruct you specific ways to open your computer or laptop. The manual guide will include diagrams that help or indicate your instructions to open.

Now take your Air Can Compressor and just blow the dust out from the computer. If you want to extend more memory or storage drive, you can be attached at a time or you can repair or remove any parts from the computer during this period will be best for your PC.

When done with everything you have to set up a computer back to work. Remember that how you removed or open your computer case before, You just have to do undo the same thing and place your computer and monitor in that area where you want willing to work.

Find your connector cables which you have been removed from the computer and connect the cables back. Setup your keyboard, plug in the mouse and install your speaker or headphone and plug your power cable in the ports. Turn your computer and monitor back. You are done.   

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