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How to make a Group FaceTime video call

Facetime call

FFaceTime is Apple’s Internet calling technology that allows you to call people on other iOS, macOS and iPadOS devices, so it’s only Apple. With WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype calls, they are redirected to the Internet instead of the cellular phone network.

Apple introduced FaceTime Video in 2010 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and in 2011 on Mac. Group Face Time recently debuted on iOS 12 after its launch in June 2018. Group calls are easy to make in FaceTime.

What do you want for a FaceTime group?

Group FaceTime does not work on older devices. You should use the iPhone 6s or later, any iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Mini 4 or later, iPad (5th generation) or later and iPod Touch (7th generation). You should also run iOS 12.1.4 or later.Facetime call

Older devices can join group calls, but only audio participants. If you don’t normally use FaceTime, go to Settings> FaceTime and make sure FaceTime is on. You must have a strong cellular or Wi-Fi connection to use the FaceTime group.

How many people can you call with a FaceTime group?

This compares very favorably with Google Duo, which can only do 12 and WhatsApp 4 (soon 8) and Messenger 8.

How to call a group FaceTime video?

  • From the FaceTime app, tap the + button at the top right.
  • Enter your contact by typing their names – you’ll see them automatically. You can also type your phone number or email address if you want.
  • Then press the big green video button.
  • You can choose audio instead.
  • If you’re in the messaging app, you can FaceTime everyone in a group conversation (or, in fact, any personal conversation) by tapping the FaceTime button at the top of the chat.

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Add more people to it

  • If you’re already on a FaceTime call – audio or video – you can swipe, and then click the Add Person button.
  • Press the ring button, yes, ring them.

Connect to another group FaceTime call

  • There are several ways to do this – go to the active calls in the FaceTime app and tap on the video call icon.
  • If you are in the message group, but are not part of the call within that group, you can join that group via a FaceTime call message.
  • You can also get a notification that you can press to join the call.

FaceTime in-call option

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