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How to install the new Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite system software?

Nintendo Switch update

Nintendo has released the system software 11.0.0 for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. It adds many new features, including a way to share screenshots and video captures more easily by transferring to a smartphone or tablet.

Also, a new “copy to a computer via USB connection” function has been added to the settings, as well as more other functions.

Here are the main changes and how to install them on Nintendo Switch.

How to install the new Nintendo Switch?

Normally, the next time your Nintendo Switch connects to a stable Internet connection via Wi-Fi, it will automatically download the latest system software.

However, if you do not have version 11.0.0, you can manually initiate the update.

We strongly recommend that you make sure that the battery life is sufficient before starting the process.

Nintendo Switch update

  • Go to “System Settings” on the main screen.
  • Scroll down on the left-hand menu bar to “System”. Tap on “System Update” on the right-hand side.
  • Tap on “Update” on the next screen.
  • The update will download, install, and restart your Switch. All done.

What new features have been added in the latest Switch system update?

Except for some minor changes, these are the key new features added in Switch system software 11.0.0. Easy access to the Nintendo Switch Online service has been added to the homepage.

It is now possible to automatically download cloud save data for users with multiple Switches.

You need to enable it in System Settings>Data Management>Save Data Cloud first.

The trending feature has been added to your user page, so you can see what your friends are playing. Screenshots and video captures can be shared wirelessly between the Switch and smart devices.

You can transfer up to 10 screenshots and one video at a time. You only need to point the camera of your phone at the pop-up QR code.

The screen can also be easily shared with the computer through a dedicated mode using USB. Now, if you have multiple downloads on the go, you can prioritize which game to download first.

Provide 12 new Mario 35th anniversary user icons. You can now name the preset button mapping. Finally, Brazilian Portuguese was added as a language.

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