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How to find your phone using Samsung

Find My Mobile

Samsung’s Find My Phone locator works similar to Google’s Find My Device, it will point your device on the map and provide some powerful tools to address this, including Samsung Phone Tracker, Helps you stay on the tab until you get it back.

How to use Samsung Phone Locator?

If you have never used the Samsung Find My Mobile service before, you need to agree to its terms of service before you can start using it. However, after doing a very basic setup, you will be able to pinpoint the location of your phone.

Point to be Noted! — Samsung Find My Mobile works only when the phone is turned on. If closed, you may need to check periodically to see if someone opens it. If the battery runs out, you will have to take the old fashioned detective job.

  • From any Internet-connected computer, go to Findmymobile.samsung.com. Here you will find Samsung’s online tools for finding lost devices. If you have never used the tool on this computer and haven’t signed in, make sure to select Sign in.

Well done! —– If you have used it on this computer before and signed in, it will immediately show you the location of your phone.

Find My Mobile

  • This will take you to the login screen. Enter the email address or phone number and password for setting up your Samsung account.

Samsung Account

  • If you have never used this tool, you first need to agree to Samsung’s privacy policy, allow it to find your phone, and accept some legal requirements. If you are satisfied with all of these, select Agree.

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  • If your phone is also signed in to your Samsung account, Samsung’s Find My Phone will immediately find the lost phone on the map.

Heads up! ——  Samsung Find My Phone will remember all the phones you have used on that account but will find the phone you are currently using.

  • If the lost phone is nearby and you can’t find it at all, select Ring then rings again to have Samsung’s Find My Phone ring it. Even if your sound is off, it will ring at the highest volume.
  • You can also ask Samsung’s Find My Phone feature to monitor your phone for you at any time until you retrieve it. Select the Track Location item in the remote tools menu, and then select Start.
  • Find My Phone will update the location every 15 minutes. It also displays a notification on your phone telling you that you are following the location.

How to secure your device with Samsung Phone Locator?

If your phone is in a fairly safe place before it can be restored, take the time to take some precautions. There are several things you can do. These include the option to put it in power saving mode, back up its contents just in case the worst happens and you completely lose it and lock it.Samsung Location Locate

  • Select Lock in the remote management menu. It will state that your phone is unlocked, you can now lock it and display emergency contact information on the screen, suspend biometric identification, stop using Samsung Pay, and prevent anyone from turning off the device. Choose Next.
  • You can choose to set a PIN to unlock it when you retrieve your phone. You can also enter a message here that will appear on the lock screen of your lost phone. If you want, you can also provide a phone number, and if someone happens to find the device, you can contact you at that phone number.

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  • If you are concerned that you will not be able to retrieve your device before someone else gets it, the core option is to erase all data on your phone. Select Delete data and then Restore factory data. If you use Samsung Pay, you may also want to delete Samsung Pay data.

Erase Samsung Data

How to find my phone using the Samsung Manage phone?

You can also select features that are not controlled by the device to manage device features. For example, if you are concerned about missing important messages when you lose your Galaxy phone, you can access recent calls and messages from the computer you used to find your phone. You can also extend battery life so that you can ring to find your phone when you are near it.

  • Make sure Select Retrieve Calls / Messages.

Samsung Call and Massage

  • The next screen will show you how this feature works. If you want to retrieve the 30 most recent calls and messages, select Retrieve. Just a moment, it will show a list of everyone who has called or texted you recently.
  • Samsung’s Find My Phone displays the battery level on the phone in the remote management tools menu. If the battery is low and you are concerned that the power will be turned off before recovery, you can extend the battery life remotely. Select Extend battery life, and then select Extend to use this feature.
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