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How to Find the Facebook Page ID or Profile ID Number

How to Find the Facebook Page ID or Profile ID Number  

You may discover third-party sites which can get you the Facebook page  ID of a profile ID Number, yet being subject to such site isn’t commendable when you can get the Facebook Page ID inside a couple of snaps, likewise, these destinations don’t reveal the ID for photographs, albums, and so on. 

Most of the time Facebook expects you to enter the Facebook Page ID when making social plugins and widgets for the Messenger platform but they don’t offer any simple method to decide the Facebook page ID 

These are very simple steps should guide you to find Facebook Page ID or Profile ID. 

Step by step to find Facebook Page ID or Profile ID Number   

1st Method: 

  1. Open your desired Facebook page on your computer screen and right-click your profile of the image.
  2. When you make a right-click, you will enable to see the dialog box. Click “Copy link Address” option from that dialog box to get a photo link to your clipboard.
  3. Open your Notepad program (or a program called Text Edit for Mac Users) and paste the URL of the image.
  4. It will look like — 
  5. Above the bold text of digit number is called Facebook Page ID number. The same ID number used to create chat or massager widgets on your websites or blog.  

2nd Method: 

  1. To get a personal Facebook profile ID is also the same process, open your Facebook profile on your favorite browser and right-click on your profile image.
  2. Again, the same process clicks “Copy Link Address” and open notepad and paste that link. You will get your Facebook profile ID number.

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 3rd Method:  

  1. Go to your Facebook Page you own as an Admin and click on the About page option and choose Page Info.

       At the end of the info, you can find the “Facebook Page ID” Number.   


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