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How to download movies from Amazon Prime for offline viewing?

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to a huge library of movies and shows available for streaming, but what if you don’t have a good internet connection and want to catch up with Mrs. The Marvelous Maisel?

Whether you’re going for a long journey or stuck in a cabin in the woods on the weekend, you can relax-Amazon Prime videos can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Here’s how to Download

Step 1: Install the Prime Video app and log in

First, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Also, you need the Prime Video app, which means you need a compatible Fire, Android, or iOS device. After installation, launch the app and log in to your Amazon Prime account.

Step 2: Select a video

Next, select the movie or performance you want to download, and then open the video details. Please note that not all videos can be downloaded, and you can only download content in certain regions (such as the United States). After selecting a movie or show, please click the “Download” button for a show, you can also download a single episode.

Step 3: Choose where to save the file

If there is an SD card in your phone, you will be asked to decide whether to download the video to it or use the phone’s internal storage space.

Keep in mind that video files can become very large, so if possible, you may need to install an SD card. SanDisk has just launched a data storage capacity of terabytes, which is very interesting.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime


Step 4: Choose the video quality

Next, select the desired video quality. The higher the quality, the larger the file size. Click to start downloading.

Step 5: Browse your downloads

To browse previously downloaded movies and movies, please select the “My Stuff” button at the bottom.

The title you downloaded will appear here. Click the one you want, and then click Watch now.

Although the Prime Video application is only available for mobile devices such as tablets and phones, you can still watch the downloaded content on a larger screen. Here’s how:

Casting your content

Step 1: Hit “Watch On”

If you wish, please select the video you want to watch and click the “More” button. Then, select “Continue Watching” (Watch On).

Step 2: Choose a location

The app will then check the device you can cast the video on, such as the Fire TV Stick.

How do I delete titles?

Delete a Single title

Step 1: To delete a single movie, go to the “My Stuff” section, find the movie you want to delete, and tap the “three dots”.

Step 2: Next, click Delete Download.

Delete show

Step 1: To delete a movie, go to the section labeled “My Stuff”, go to the movie you want to delete, and click “Three Dots”.

Step 2: Then click Delete Download.

Delete individual episodes

Step 1: To get rid of a program completely, go to the “Download” section, find the program you want to delete, and click “Edit”.

Step 2: Select the show episode you need to delete, click “three dots”, and then click “Delete”.

Downloading content and media on Amazon Prime are very convenient; however, this streaming service has some disadvantages. First, Amazon rejects the ability to download media to a PC or laptop, and a single title only allows you to watch them at a specific time.

Finally, if your Amazon Prime subscription is canceled, you will no longer have access to any titles. However, it is still a user-friendly streaming service that can be used to watch TV shows.

How much space do I need?

The storage required for files depends on the quality. We downloaded the movie “Annihilation” with the best quality setting, it occupies 1GB of storage space, and in the “good quality” (second lowest), it only occupies 308MB of storage space. The first season (13 episodes) of The Wire occupies 3.5GB when downloaded in Good quality.

What’s Available?

Amazon pointed out that only some titles are available for download. When browsing the “Prime Video” option, you can download every title we see available to Prime subscribers.

On the surface, users can count on Amazon originals that can be downloaded. Generally, users can only download videos in the United States and U.S. territories, although after downloading, you can watch them abroad.

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