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How to Convert Your Smartphone into Smart TV Remote

How to turn your smartphone into a smartTV Remote

Whether it is a TV or a smart TV, everyone has to deal with the problem of its remote malfunction and quickly battery drain. In such a situation, you can also use your smartphone as remote control of the smart TV. Only, You will have to download some apps and make some settings in smartphones and smart TVs.

Smartphones have changed our lives drastically. For the past decade, our life has become much easier due to smartphones. After smartphones, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence have converted our home and office into smart homes and smart offices.

How to turn your smartphone into a smartTV Remote

The smart TV market has also been growing rapidly for the last few years. Smart TVs and web content have changed our ways of entertainment. Now we can watch our favorite shows anytime on the smart TV.

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Smart TV or TV remote works on technology-based on IR (infrared) blaster. By downloading the Infrared Blaster app in smartphones too, you will be able to connect your smartphone to a smart TV and use your smartphone as a remote control. You can also use it as remote control of your set-top box.

Users can make remote control of their smartphones by installing Mi’s Universal Remote Control app in Xiaomi’s smartphones. However, if you are Android smartphone users of another brand, then you can make your smartphone remote by downloading one of the few apps available on Google Play Store.

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At the same time, such apps are available on the App Store for iPhone users, with the help of which you can make your smartphone remote.


  • Step: 1 — First of all, you have to download the Android TV remote control app from the Google Play store to your smartphone.
  • Step: 2 — Your smartphone has to be connected to a smart TV. For this, both your smartphone and smart TV must be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Step: 3 — You must open the Smart TV remote control app in your smartphone and select the brand and model number of your smart TV.
  • Step: 4 — If your model number does not show in the app, a PIN will flash on the screen of the smart TV. Enter that PIN on your smartphone and connect it to the TV.
  • Step: 5 — Now, you will be able to use your smartphone as a remote control.


  • Step: 1 — If you are an Apple user then you can download the TV remote control app from the App Store.
  • Step: 2 — You have to connect the smartphone and smart TV to the same network.
  • Step: 3 — Go to your smartphone and open the Smart Remote Control app and select the TV name and connect.
  • Step: 4 — After this, your phone will act as a remote control.
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