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How to completely delete your Facebook account?


How to completely delete your Facebook account?

Facebook is a welcome way to keep in touch with relatives and friends around the world and interact with like-minded people. Overall, social networks are powerful tools for sharing information and ideas.

For others, Facebook has an ugly side. Perhaps this is a steady stream of political positions and controversy. Maybe you disagree with Facebook’s behavior, or you are tired of privacy risks and scandals. Maybe you just need to take a break.

Regardless of your reason, we will show you all traces of your Facebook account to be deleted. It’s important to note that there is a difference between deleting your Facebook account and deactivating it.

This will also delete the social platform’s chat application Facebook Messenger. If you want to delete the Facebook attributes of Instagram and WhatsApp, you need to do it separately.


Deactivating your Facebook account will temporarily freeze it, which is useful if you want to take a short break. But this does not stop the company from tracking your online activities.

To completely disconnect from Facebook, the only way is to delete your account. This process requires some time and patience. Here are the steps you need to follow and some factors to consider before proceeding.

How to Delete the Facebook app from your phone?

The first step is to delete the application from the phone or tablet. Remember that deleting the Facebook app will not delete your account-you can still access the account from your browser, and other apps may still use Facebook as your login name.

Deleting the icon from your phone will overwhelm you, but it will not affect your Facebook account in general. You need to make sure to perform all other steps, otherwise, Facebook can still track your online activities.

Consider your social platforms and messaging alternatives:

Remember, when you delete your Facebook account, your access to Messenger increases. Meaning, you need to connect with people who often chat on Messenger and find another app or service to stay in touch.

Usually, use the same method as your Facebook friends. Please post your status a few days before you plan to delete your account, and ask anyone who wants to stay in touch to send a message with contact information.

This is important-don’t forget other login information:

Third-party developers, such as Spotify and DoorDash, have long proposed using your Facebook account as a login method to log in to their services.

Super convenient because it saves you from having to remember another password. That is until you do not have a Facebook account to use. You need to log in to each account and disconnect it from the Facebook account, thus solving those external accounts that rely on Facebook information.

To find a list of apps linked to your Facebook account:

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to Settings> Apps and Websites.
  • If you have trouble determining how to disconnect your Facebook account from the service, please contact the company’s customer service department for help.

Once completed, please follow the steps below to request and download a copy of all Facebook data:

  • Log in to Facebook on your computer
  • Go to Settings> Your Facebook Information
  • Click View next to Download your information.
  • Check all the boxes under the “Your Information” section
  • Keep the date range like all my data.
  • Set the format to HTML-this will put the data in a format that is easy to navigate.
  • To save high-resolution copies of the photos and videos, you posted to Facebook, change the “Media Quality” drop-down list from “Medium” to “High”.

Finally, click Create File. Then Facebook will collect all your information and send you an email when it is ready to download. This may take some time this is not an immediate process.

Now you can delete your account

The last step is to delete your account. To do this, please visit this page and log in. Before deleting your account, Facebook will provide you with a list of tasks and items. For example, it is recommended that you download all the information, or if you are the only administrator of the Facebook page, the system will ask you to grant other account administrator privileges, otherwise, the page will be deleted along with your account. Alright, are you ready? Click Delete account, enter the password and click Continue. Finally, click “Delete Account” again.

You have 30 days to change your mind

It can take up to 90 days for Facebook to delete all your account data from its servers. Within 30 days thereafter, you can still log in and cancel the deletion request.

Your account will be restored as if you never left. For better or worse. To cancel the deletion request, please visit Facebook.com, log in to your account, and click the “Cancel Delete” button.

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