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How to add a watermark to Google documents?

Google Doc

Learn how to add watermarks to your documents in Google Docs. Using a watermark, you can create blurry images of your logo or any other text to appear in the background of your Word document.

In Microsoft Word, you can easily add an erased text stamp behind the content of each page in your brand’s logo image or document using the “Insert Watermark” feature. A company policy may require employees to use a watermark to indicate whether a document is a draft or a confidential document not to be distributed to third parties.

How to add a watermark to Google Docs?

Microsoft Word has watermarking built-in, but Google Docs lacks that feature. However, a simple solution can be created by creating a faded image with the text of your watermark and placing it behind your document’s text.

Google Doc
Google Doc
  • Design a watermark stamp

Run Microsoft Paint on your computer and make a simple watermark image in landscape mode with a dark gray background. The size of a large image in Google Docs can always be changed, but not vice versa. Therefore, please use bold fonts with large font sizes such as Impact.

  • Add a watermark to your Google Docs document

Choose the Upload from computer submenu from the Image submenu within Google Docs. Upload the watermark image that was saved in the previous step to Google Docs.

  • Click on Image Options

Within Google Docs, right-click the uploaded image and select Image from the contextual menu.

  • Changing the rotation of the wheel

Set the angle to about 320 ° in the Size and Rotation section of the Image Options sidebar to create a diagonal watermark.

  • Place the image behind the text
  1. If you select Behind the Text under Text Wrapping, a watermark image will appear behind the content of your document.
  2. The layout should be set as the center under Fixed Position. It will place your watermark image right in the center of the page.
  3. The transparency level should be set at about 80% for the background to fade towards the watermarked image.
  • The watermark effect in documents
  1. Here’s is your final Google document with the watermark.

In addition to Generating PDF files from Google Forms, Document Studio allows you to add watermarks to the PDF document.

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