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Honor Smartphones are known for Gaming due to GPU Turbo Technology

There is a lot of craze for mobile games worldwide. Talking about the last three years, mobile games have touched many heights. Smartphones getting better every year with low prices have increased the craze of playing games across the world.

Now take PUBG itself, the way this game entered the Indian market, it was a surprise for everyone. PUBG and FIFA is also a kind of game, which is very much liked by the youth. After the Call of Duty Mobile game released this year, it is being speculated that the coming time is going to be more crazy about the games.Honor

Looking at the growing love for sports among the youth, now all the weight is on smartphones. Smartphones should be able to not only get rid of the problem of lag and frame drops but also be able to handle multi-player games.

Its processor should be tremendous, RAM should be more, its battery life should be good, it should have a clear display, it should also have a GPU for games and to run better. It is not a simple thing to have so many quality in a single phone.

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But let us tell you that HONOR is a brand that offers such specifications and features in its smartphones. Like many of its smartphones, whether it is HONOR Play or HONOR 8X, HONOR 10 lite, HONOR View 20, HONOR 20i, HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro, all these phones have been better in terms of games. The company takes care of every need of gamers while making smartphones so that they do not have any kind of complaint later.

HONOR has a technology called GPU Turbo, which is a radical technology and with the help of software and hardware as well as graphics processing acceleration technology can be improved.

This gives gamers a great experience in playing the game. Explain that gamers need expensive hardware to experience games for a long time. With GPU Turbo technology, HONOR has virtually eliminated the need for expensive hardware by improving its software.

In the field of mobile gaming, HONOR’s GPU Turbo technology is definitely a very good technology. Let us know that HONOR has made a significant breakthrough in the field of technology through GPU Turbo.

If you use this technology, you will see an improvement in graphics processing efficiency up to 60%. This means that gaming performance will be even better. In addition, the GPU Turbo enables SoC (System on Chip) to run games at optimal FPS, reducing energy consumption by 30%.

HONOR took the smartphone gaming industry up a notch when it brought GPU Turbo technology with all its smartphones premium, mid-range, and budget. An earlier version of the GPU Turbo showed that it is a capable technology and offers non-stop gaming experiences. When GPU Turbo 2.0 technology arrived it completely changed the traditional graphics processing framework.Honor 9X

The advantage was that it improved the efficiency of GPU graphics processing. With this, games like PUBG and Mobile legends ran brilliantly.

Talking about GPU Turbo 3.0, it solved the problem of frame drop while playing the game and with this help improved touch response. GPU Turbo 3.0 supports 25 games globally, including games such as PUBG, ASPHALT 9, NBA 2K19, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, FIFA Mobile and Modern Combat 5. So wait, update your HONOR phone with GPU Turbo 3.0 and experience any kind of games in a great way.

HONOR is also taking its core gameplay technology to the next level. It has made its intentions clear by launching HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro globally. It is the most powerful device for gamers in the market. HONOR 20 smartphone equipped with core processor Kirin 980 SoC, 3,750mAh AI-powered battery, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and GPU Turbo 3.0 technology runs all kinds of games smoothly.

It can be connected to the handset via Bluetooth. It offers a 400mAh battery. If its battery runs out, then you can enjoy the game by connecting it to the USB-Type-C connector. The HONOR Gamepad is compatible with games in every way. HONOR, of course, will continue to upgrade GPU Turbo for its gamers and will continue to innovate in their smartphones.

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