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Honda’s Electric SUV concept is a peek into production cars

honda EV car

Honda’s electric SUV concept is a peek into production cars

Honda showed off its next-generation electric car, which will certainly be more spacious than the E compact car. The automaker’s new SUV E: the concept is an unusual two-door utility program that “shows the direction of future EV production.

” The machine will include “omnidirectional ADAS” using a 360-degree radar and a wide-angle front camera to provide driving assistance to better identify surrounding objects.

You will also get a “next-generation” version of the Honda Connect platform, which includes AI assistants, phone integration, and wireless software updates.

The company remains silent on specifications, release dates, or prices, but said the production model will be the first electric car for China.

honda EV car

It is not clear whether the street version of the SUV E: concept will be limited to China. Although we do not want the two-door version to be used in many parts of the world.

The four-door version may be more attractive in North America, which is obsessed with SUVs.

Honda has promised to use the GM platform to release two electric vehicles in North America in the 2024 model year.

We do not expect them to be directly related to this concept SUV, but it may hint at the design language of future zero-emission passenger cars.

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