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Hivi S3 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

Hivi S3 Plus

If you see the Hivi S3 Plus for the first time, and you see it from a distance, you will feel that its design resembles a pair of big eyes, especially the color of the white body and black mesh cover, and more “big eyes” “a feeling of.

To be honest, in the design of the speaker has always been a cubic / ellipsoidal sphere, the Hivi S3 Plus, which uses a sphere-like design, does give people a certain sense of memory.

The novel design of “Big Eyes” is indeed memorable, but it is not simply designed for design. First, the spherical box can effectively reduce the internal standing waves, which is conducive to improving the sound purity.

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            Second, the speaker is not simply placed on the top of the spherical box. This slightly inclined design will make the sound directional. Stronger, let the sound point directly into the ear, further guarantee the sound effect.

Hivi S3 Plus

Looking closely at the S3 Plus, we can also find the design of the low-wind inverter tube on the cabinet. When the S3 Plus is playing back low frequencies, this design can effectively buffer the quickly exchanged air, and the arc-shaped diffusion openings on both sides of the inverter tube further reduce the air resistance and make the low-frequency sound exceptionally pure.

Not only must work hard on the design and structure of the cabinet, but also the design, structure, and materials of the speakers are important. Even in products with a more stylish design like the S3 Plus, Hivi always adheres to the philosophy of sound quality.

The 3-inch full-band speaker used by the S3 Plus is tailor-made for this product. This speaker incorporates Hewitt’s unique shielded magnetic circuit system, long-stroke linear displacement design, high-temperature resistant skeleton, ccaw coil, and other professional speaker technologies, which can be described as being armed to the teeth.

Hivi S3 Best Speaker

To better drive this speaker, Hivi uses a new generation of high-performance digital power amplifier chip TPA3123D on the S3 Plus, which makes the peak RMS output power of the two speakers reach 30W. Numerically speaking, this driving force can already drive the speaker well. As for the experience, we will share it with you in the subjective audition section.

Hivi S3 Plus Product Features

  • TWS wireless serial connection can form a matrix of audio equipment to achieve wireless stereo.
  • 15 hours of long battery life, providing long-term music enjoyment.
  • Support Bluetooth wireless and AUX wired input to meet a variety of connection needs.
  • The speaker with a microphone can realize the needs of audio and video calls and free your hands.

 Experience and Conclusion

Hivi calls this feature TWS Wireless Tandem. In this mode, you need to double-click the M button on the speaker for TWS pairing for the first time. The speaker whose M button is pressed will automatically be set to the right channel, which will be the main speaker of TWS.

After a successful pairing, the TWS mode will be automatically started by default at the next boot. The existence of the TWS mode means that we can use one or a pair of speakers according to the user needs, and can more freely determine the placement of the S3 Plus-the S3 Plus with Bluetooth 4.2 specification can maintain a stable connection within 15 meters.

Although the two cabinets of the S3 Plus are wirelessly connected, they can choose between wireless and wired in connection with the sound source.

Users can connect this speaker via Bluetooth and wired connections via the AUX interface on the speaker. Regardless of the audio player, or laptop and mobile phone, users can choose the most convenient connection method, and the user experience is further improved.

Hivi S3 Speaker Desing

The built-in lithium battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh and has a nominal battery life of up to 15 hours. S3 Plus can take over more use cases. At the same time, S3 Plus’s built-in microphone can feel no obvious delay and stutter during the experience. The call quality is clear and it is also a convenient design.

S3 Plus’s mid-high-frequency style is consistent with the Hivi speakers. The iconic vocals are sweet and smooth, and they are pleasing to the ears, and they will not make people feel tired after listening for a long time Feeling.

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             This proves that the sound permeability of the S3 Plus is still good. The only challenge is that if you listen carefully, you will feel that the sound density can be strengthened a little bit, which is even better.

However, considering that the S3 Plus uses a 3-inch full-range speaker, the current sound performance is already very good.

Details About Hivi

  • Weight: 0.6kg * 2
  • Speaker control: manual
  • Interface: 3.5 mm audio interface
  • Power: battery-powered
  • Channel: 2.0
  • Theoretical power: below 20w
  • Speaker unit: 3 inches
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