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Hey users can create blogs and newsletters directly from email now


The company announced today that alternative email provider Hey is expanding its range of services with a new blog and email newsletter service called Hey World, which will be available to all individual Hey subscribers free of charge.

Using Hey World is very simple: Hey users only need to send an email to world@hey.com. Then, the subject of the email will be the title of the post, and the body will be the blog post itself.

After sending the first email, Hey will automatically create a blog for you, located at “world.hey.com/your username”. This blog collects all your posts and provides RSS feeds and email subscription boxes for your Followers to keep up to date with your latest news.


In Hey World’s blog post announcing the feature, Hey’s co-founder Jason Fried explained that the feature stems from a desire for a place where it can be in a longer context than a short Twitter post or tweetstorm China Online shares ideas without causing controversy. Public squares in places like Twitter.

Fried also pointed out that the Hey World blog is currently just an experiment, and the company will “play for a while” with new features. Besides, as a “shout to a simpler era”, the function of the Hey World page is “no JavaScript, no tracking, and no garbage”.

Hey World! may not replace advanced newsletter services like Substack, which enable writers to use more powerful and profitable tools; but for casual writers looking to exchange ideas, this may be a good choice.

Also, the ease of writing posts using the same UI and editor as Hey’s regular emails means that the barriers to entry are extremely low assuming at least one is a Hey subscriber.

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