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Hands-on: Compared to most Wear OS watches, Google Assistant works better on Fitbit

Google Assistant on Fitbit

Google Assistant is a powerful tool, but only the company’s own Wear OS can be used on the wrist. Now, Google Assistant has been put on Fitbit, annoyingly, it works very well.

After Alexa debuted on Versa 2, the Assistant on Fitbit became the second voice assistant option for fitness wearable devices. You can choose between the two voice assistants through the new app on the watch or the settings in the companion app.

After selecting Google Assistant, the app will open an assistant that is actively listening. You can ask questions in the almost black UI and easily control the smart home.

Google Assistant works better on fitbit

The Google Assistant on Fitbit works very well. The application can be opened almost immediately, and the Assistant can be loaded almost immediately. It can quickly recognize voice commands and respond to actions within a few seconds.

This is in sharp contrast with the Assistant’s performance on Wear OS in the past few years. Most watches running the Google operating system have difficulty keeping up with Assistant.

The advent of an option with 1GB RAM has improved the problem, and the new Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip makes this even better. Nevertheless, most Wear OS watches currently mastered by consumers still lag behind the powerful Fitbit watches.

The interface here is super basic, which may help performance. Even when asking for information such as the weather, you will not get graphics, only text. Nevertheless, it still works normally. Routines are supported, but some assistant “applications” are not supported. When asked to play music, it will start playing on the connected mobile phone.

At the bottom of most Assistant replies, you will also see another button for related Assistant queries, but I find that these buttons work very slowly.

Google Assistant on Fitbit

It is worth noting that you can also use the assistant to ask for your sleep data from Fitbit and start exercising from the assistant. The Assistant on Wear OS is more powerful and better designed, but the Fitbit version generally runs better.

What are the disadvantages?

Accessing the assistant on Fitbit is very annoying. You can use the “button” on the side of Sense and Versa 3 to trigger it, but using the button is annoying, so the final effect is not good.

Besides, the fastest way to access the assistant is to swipe in the app list. The effect is good, but it is not instant. Personally, I want Fitbit to integrate Assistant (and Alexa, I think) into some watch faces.

Google Assistant is currently being launched in the latest updates of Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3. You can buy the latest Fitbits for $329 and $229 respectively, which are currently on sale on Black Friday.

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