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Guacamole by Google may be premature, but it appears ready to become an Android feature

Google probably wasn’t going to reveal this until the company’s I/O developer conference on May 18th, but it appears that the cat is out of the bag: the company is testing a feature that will allow you to stop alarms and answer phone calls on your Android phone simply by saying “stop” — no need to pick up your phone or even say “Hey Google.”

We know this because, for some users, including myself, a mysterious new setting called “Guacamole” has appeared in the Google app on Android 11. (We were tipped off by Android Police and 9to5Google.) And, while none of us journalists have yet been able to activate the feature, it’s fairly simple to imagine what it does.

According to  9to5 Google’s sources, it can directly manage alerts, clocks, and calls by allowing you to say “Stop”, “Snooze”, and “Answer/decline the call” respectively.

Guacamole Google

Since I flipped the switch, none of them worked for me, owing to my inability to navigate a Google internal website for dogfooding workers.

We even tried adding a duration to make it g.co/assistant-guacamole, hoping that the “go” was a mistake for one of Google’s g.co short links, but it didn’t work.

If the feature looks familiar, it’s because, at Google I/O 2019, Google stuffed some guacamole into its Google Home / Nest Hub smart speakers and displays. For almost two years, you’ve been able to literally say “stop” to silence their alarms.

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