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GoSite raised US$40 million to help small and medium-sized businesses bring their business online

In the United States, there are 12 million small and medium-sized enterprises, but they are still one of the worst-served parts of the B2B field: this number highlights a lot of fragmentation, in addition to other issues such as budget constraints, and many obstacles for them Large-scale establishment.

However, today, a startup that helps small and medium-sized companies go online has announced some huge sums of money which show that when many companies realize that going online is no longer an option, but a necessity, the situation is changing.

GoSite is a San Diego-based startup that can help small and medium-sized businesses build websites and run other functions of their business online (such as payments, online marketing, appointments, and accounting) with a minimum of technical knowledge and raised $40 million.

GoSite provides users with a one-stop service that can build and manage all content online and can provide up to 80 different third-party services among them. Alex Goode, founder and CEO of GoSite, said: “We want to help our customers blossom everywhere.” “We work with Facebook and other consumer platforms (such as Siri, Apple Maps) and search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc.) Integrate.” It also built certain features, such as paying from scratch.

The B series is a glorious year for the company. Driven by the Covid-19 environment, companies are increasingly turning to the Internet to interact with customers, and GoSite, which has thousands of SMB customers, said its customer base will double by 2020.

The latest round of financing was led by Left Lane Capital, which left New York. Longley Capital, Cove Fund, Stage 2, Ankona Capital and Serra Ventures will also participate. GoSite is clearly noticeable when it gets hot: San Diego-based Longley led the company’s last round of financing, which was only conducted in August this year. To date, it has raised $60 million.

In a sense, GoSite has exerted greater technological inclusiveness: its customers are not companies that “win” other providers, which provide website building and hosting and other services commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, Squarespace and Wix or GoDaddy or Shopify.

Instead, they are companies that may never use these tools: local garages, local landscape architects, local hair salons, local accounting firms, local dentists, etc.

Unless there are accounting firms, these companies will not be able to operate completely online like retailers, not only because of the physical aspects of these professions. But they need an online presence and the means of communication it provides them to survive, especially when the old model is under pressure.

Goode graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer science and then started working at GoSite. Before that, he grew up and worked in a small business and was run by his parents, grandparents, and others in his Michigan town. Own shop.

He believes that although there will always be alternatives like Facebook or Yelp to plant the flag, nothing can replace its value and long-term security and control to build their own things-small business owners will certainly grasp this sentiment.

This is probably the most interesting aspect of GoSite today: It does not treat any content that already exists as “competition” at all. On the contrary, Goode believes that his goal is to build a dashboard that will help business owners manage all of these tasks in one place, and provide up to 80 different services at the same time, and they can also be performed in one place. And there is the least need for technology and time spent on learning ropes.

Goode said: “Small businesses must have huge demand, and things like GoSite can do that.” “This space is very fragmented and noisy. They don’t even know where to start.”

Coupled with the growth of GoSite and its relevance to the current market, it has partially attracted investors.

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