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GoPro Max is the Brand’s second attempt at a 360-degree Camera

If you are considering purchasing a GoPro camera, the new Hero 8 Black is estimated to have a higher probability of being the first to appear in your mind. But in fact, GoPro has brought a new machine called Max. From many perspectives, there should be many people who will consider this machine with a price of 499 US dollars as a Fusion.

The sequel to the VR camera. However, GoPro has set a selling point for it, which Hero 8 can do, and often does it better. Despite its seemingly professional posture, GoPro always believes that this is still a product for everyone.

GoPro camera 360 degree

The first thing to be sure is that Max can still record 360-degree images. However, its features and the functions that the accompanying software can achieve can also meet the needs of non-VR shooting. The extra lens and the more comprehensive view it brings, in addition to the panoramic view, also provide greater creative possibilities for regular video shooting.

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Compared to Fusion, Max is significantly smaller in size. In fact, when building the Fusion camera, the factory is more like putting two GoPro together, so there are problems with the design and post-production editing of the dual SD card.

Max is a complete redesign, its smaller body is more conducive to carrying and fixing (there are also hidden fixtures like the Hero 8 Black), the new color touch screen also makes the ease of operation Promotion.

GoPro 360 Camera

This machine borrowed a lot of features from the Hero 8 side, but GoPro managed to “maximize” everything. Max HyperSmooth, Max TimeWarp, and Max SuperView, these three features “significantly” enhance Max’s shock-proof effect with the help of extra lenses, of which TimeWarp’s delayed play is also more abundant, and the vision of the new Digital Lens device is further expanded.

On Hero 8, SuperView will show what the photoreceptor took with 16:9, and on Max, this mode will make the picture wider. As for the video specifications, Max can still record 5.6K@30fps in 360-degree mode, and 1440p@30fps or 1080p@60fps in non-panoramic Hero mode.

GoPro 8 Camera

With the dual camera support, Max HyperSmooth can help Max achieve electronic shock protection with a single camera configuration that cannot collect the amount of data. At the same time, horizontal calibration has become easier, and the official claims that even with the user’s large movements, the picture taken by Max can still stably control the reference level.

According to GoPro, Max will eventually support front-to-back mirror switching for continuous shooting, which should be very useful for today’s popular vlog shooting scenes. However, what is still unclear is whether the device can perform double-recording or the effect of picture-in-picture.

In addition, users can also use PowerPano mode to take panoramic photos on Max. Compared with the conventional method, it has the advantage of being able to take pictures of the front and back at the same time, so that there are no strange splicing errors.

GoPro camera 360

In the audio section, GoPro built a total of six microphones for Max, claiming to achieve the “gun-like microphone” quality radio level, and recording space surround sound in ambisonic format. Simply put, the previous Fusion was recorded in a 360-degree plane, and Max turned the radio range into a spherical shape.

As for the software, it has not always been a 360-degree camera. GoPro claims to simplify the experience of Max. On the one hand, the design of a single memory card can avoid many unnecessary troubles. On the other hand, all image-stitching and synthesis are now done directly on the camera, which also reduces the user’s Less burden.

GoPro camera

In addition, according to the demo we saw before, in the mobile app, the user can easily set the next scene to appear in the screen, the transition can be handed over to the software easily. Of course, this part of the actual operation feels how it is difficult to evaluate before actually getting started.

Finally, in terms of listing information, unlike the Hero 8 Black, GoPro Max is currently only open for pre-sales, and will not be available worldwide until the 25th of this month.

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