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Google’s Pixel Buds have a new bass enhancement effect

“Google’s Pixel Buds sound significantly better with the new bass enhancement effect, but connection problems still exist.”

Google launched an important firmware update on its Pixel Buds this week, adding some new features to truly wireless earbuds, including “bass boost” settings, sharing detection.

So you can set them separately when sharing one with each earbud. The volume of each earbud, attention reminders. The updated firmware should also solve the connectivity and audio loss issues that some early Pixel Buds buyers have been complaining about.

After listening to today’s Pixel Buds for a while, I want to say that Google has achieved success. If you were disappointed with a low-end performance before, then bass enhancement can improve sound quality.

But the wireless signal of Pixel Buds is still weaker than it should be, and frustrating music interference still exists.

Pixel Buds

After applying this update, you will find a bass boost under the “Sound” section, which also includes a new experimental attention alert option. Switching to a lower frequency will add a lot of extra volumes.

If you found the Pixel Buds a bit flat before, you may be pleasantly surprised after trying bass boost. It makes a difference without affecting the mid and high frequencies, so Google has done a good job in EQ tuning.

But connection repair is not what I want. If you just sit on the sofa or desk at home, Pixel Buds can always work normally. To be honest, I didn’t notice any problems when reviewing these issues.

But in the weeks since then when you go out on adventures, the problem comes. I just moved to a busy street in Brooklyn, and this morning, I walked a few blocks to find out if Google has resolved the Pixel Buds dropout problem.

In my experience, the disappointing answer is no. I still experience a signal loss, and one earbud usually the left earbud needs to be cut off for a few seconds at a time.

If I hold the phone at the height of my chest, most of these problems will be eliminated. However, when it is in my pocket, the connection of Pixel Buds may become messy and not as reliable as other true wireless earbuds.

Your results may be different, and I see that some people on the Google Pixel subreddit report fewer than before.

However, there is more work to be done, and I doubt whether Google has tried to optimize the stability of Pixel Buds.

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