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Google’s Nest Audio sounds better than Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

Google’s Nest Audio sounds better than Nest Mini

For most people, this may be enough, but serious music fans may want more. Google has launched a smart speaker with both music quality, and it has been three years now.

Google Home Max is the opposite of Home Mini, which is a powerful large speaker that can bring shocking sound to the sound in the room.

But, not surprisingly, cheap and compact smart speakers like the Home Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot are much easier to attract people’s attention than more expensive options like the Apple HomePod and Home Max.

Google is trying to narrow the difference through Nest Audio, a compact smart speaker, the company said it will provide a powerful music experience without causing financial loss.

Google Nest Mini

We have tested the Nest Audio for a few days, and although it does not sound as good as larger, more advanced music speakers, it can be said that it is a major upgrade of products such as Nest Mini or Echo Dot & for only $99.

Its price is cheap enough to buy a pair of stereo speakers in the house or put a bunch of speakers in the house.

When I took the Nest Audio out of the box, my first impression was “Wow, this thing is small.” Judging from the pictures and videos, it looks like a smaller version of Home Max, since I was in real life Since seeing it, it still applies.

But it is less than 7 inches tall and only 3 inches thick-unlike Max, Nest Audio can be installed almost wherever you want it. Like all current Google speakers, it is covered with audio transparent cloth in five colors.

When you talk to the speaker, there are four LED indicators on the front, and a power port and mute switch on the rear. Finally, there are invisible touch-sensitive buttons at the top to play or pause audio and adjust the volume.

From the perspective of features and settings, Nest Audio is essentially the same as Nest Mini and other Google-branded smart speakers.

Google Nest Mini

Plug it in, and the Google Home smartphone app will guide you through the setup process, which will link your Google account and let you choose your favorite music service.

After this is done, you can ask Google to play your favorite music or play songs with the speakers through various apps.

Nest Audio has all the same features as the cheap Nest Mini, so what I really care about is music quality. At first, the small size made me wonder how good it is, which was confirmed in my initial tests.

Not only is this a huge upgrade to mini speakers such as Mini speakers or Echo Dot, but considering that Google sells them as audio-first devices, it’s nothing. Specifically, I found that the music is a bit muddy and there is no clear high pitch.

The good news is that it is very loud and can fill small and medium-sized rooms, although you may need to increase the volume by more than 50%. Fortunately, Nest Audio can maintain good conditions at higher volumes without any noticeable distortion.

Over time, the muddy quality that I initially noticed seems to be diminishing-maybe it’s just because I’m used to the characteristics of the speakers, or maybe it’s Nest Audio’s auto-tuning feature that allows me to listen more, the audio quality improves.

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