Google’s native version of Chrome for Apple Arm Macs is now available

Chrome product manager Mark Chang said that Google’s version of Chrome can run locally on Apple’s new Macs (Arm-based processors). Google initially launched the new version on Tuesday but suspended the launch due to a possible unexpected crash of the version.

In theory, the native version of the infamous resource-poor browser might run more efficiently on Apple’s Arm-based computers. However, in our review of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini equipped with the new M1 chip.

We found that the Chrome version built for the Intel chip already runs well on Apple’s new Mac, so we hope that this native version will run well. better.

You can choose which version of Chrome to download from the browser website. When he visited the website, Dieter Bohn of Verge saw this prompt on the MacBook Air evaluation device with the M1 chip:

Google started rolling out a new version of Chrome on Tuesday, calling it “the biggest improvement in Chrome’s performance in years,” thanks to some internal changes.

The company’s blog on the new version did not mention the version optimized for Apple’s Arm-based Mac.

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