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Google’s Android dongle may be called “Chromecast with Google TV”


In the past few months, the leaked renderings and internal lists almost confirmed that Google is developing an Android TV dongle codenamed “Sabrina”.

Now, Artem Russakovskii of Android Police has found a listing on Target’s retail system, calling the device “Google Chromecast with Google TV” and the price is $50.

Previous reports stated that Sabrina will be named after the Nest brand, but the tech giant may have decided to stick to a name that is more relevant to casting. As for Google TV,

9to5Google reported in May that the company is planning to rename Android TV to Google TV and provide it with a new user interface.

The technology giant has not yet confirmed, but if the operating system is indeed undergoing a rebranding, the product name makes sense.

Russakovskii also discovered that the dongle will be available in Rock Candy, Summer Melon, and Summer Blue colors.

Of course, the final name and pricing of the dongle may be completely different from those found in the Target system.


We will know its release, although it is expected to come with remote control, a Google Assistant button, and a UI based on a video previously leaked by XDA Developers, focusing on apps and services.

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