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Google, Zoom, and Microsoft have certified Logitech’s latest wireless earbuds


New Logitech wired (and wireless) earbuds with some business-specific features have been announced. Among its main products are Zone True Wireless Earbuds, which Zone has claimed are the first earbuds certified for use with all three of the major video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

They offer not just Bluetooth but Logitech’s wireless USB receiver as well, so you can use almost any smartphone or computer – and flip between devices as you wish.

Logitech claims the buds have active noise cancellation (ANC) and a noise-canceling microphone, which allow for high-quality audio on calls. In contrast to bulky business headsets (like Logitech’s own Zone models), they’re designed to give you a “stylish look” while on a Zoom conference call.

The company also says its devices will have twice the battery life of leading competitive products, although that’s a meaningless promise without a number. 

Logitech VP Scott Wharton said, “Currently, wireless solutions force consumers to choose between traditional headsets that are not aesthetically pleasing for video calls or sub-optimal audio performance. They are a lot nicer looking than most business headsets, even if they haven’t heard the audio quality yet. 

The Zone Wireless and Zone Wired Earbuds were unveiled “to meet the needs of professional users and teams,” Logitech said. A USB-C, USB-A, or 3.5mm connector allows you to connect them to your computer or mobile device.

There will be two colors available, graphite and rose, but they won’t be cheap at $299. Those earbuds, meanwhile, cost $99 each. Both will be available globally in the fall of 2021. 

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