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Google will shut down its AI-guided photo printing service on June 30

Google AI Printing Service

Google’s automatic photo printing service has been in this world for a long time at least not for the first time. Droid-Life has learned (via The Verge) that Google will close the AI-guided trial service on June 30. It may not be over yet.

It didn’t say anything that prompted members to turn off notifications, but it expressed its desire to “improve this feature” and make it “more widely available.” Even though the service may change, this is not the end.

Google AI Printing Service

The $8 per month trial version allows AI to pick the 10 best photos (prioritized by face, landscape, or mixed image) and print them on 4×6 card stock and edit them as needed. Their purpose is as a gift, or, if you want more than a digital copy, it can also be a good memory.

Google’s timing is not the best. The service became public knowledge in February, and only one month after the pandemic blockade entered most parts of the world when you can’t socialize or travel, it’s hard to justify spending money on photo services. If there is a follow-up service, you may need to wait.

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